Netherlands, Rotterdam
Ahoy Arena

(Wednesday 15th October 2003)

Report: Ahoy concert 15 Oktober
From: Pat Hermes

As the tension grew in the crowd, there suddenly was at 21:00 hours, thirty seconds of "Queen Of All The Tarts (Overture)" as the band members walked on to the stage.

Then David and his band started the 2 hour and 35 minute lasting show off with "New Killer Star", immediately followed by "Jean Genie".

The audience responded overwhelming which David obviously very much appreciated.

"We have a wonderful show for you tonight and we wish you a really good time", he addressed the audience.

Inbetween songs David often made jokes or addressed the audience showing he was really impressed by the enthusiasm of the crowd.

There were some beautiful versions of songs such as "Loving The Alien", which David introduced with "Oh, there's another one of Bowie's space songs," referring to the "well informed" critics.

"Heroes" was really astonishing as David, the band and the audience almost became one. David himself was aware of this as he thanked the crowd and said it was great.

"Hallo Spaceboy" was even without Reeves Gabrels one off the heavy highlights of the evening, the power of the song impressed everybody in the crowd.

At "Fall Dog Bombs The Moon" we saw a rather serious David who played the song really together with the band at the back of the stage.

The message was clear as it also became during "I'm Afraid Of Americans", placing two fingers beside his head showing the devil's horns while singing "God is an American."

The first time David introduced the band he waited to introduce Gail Ann Dorsey and was only willing to after they sang "Under Pressure" together.

Although David's vocals were amazing, he himself was impressed by Gail Ann's vocals which almost blew off the roof. David loved it and showed it to the crowed. Then, while finally introducing her, the audience went wild.

The second introduction was necessary according to David as "you better know who gets in your car picking up hitch hikers." He also did a little Al Pacino act while introducing Earl Slick for the second time. "You'll f**k you and I'll f**k me!!"

It could not have been better, David loved the show and the responding crowd.

"Slip Away" was really nice as the crowd could karaoke along with David.

But as all good things must come to an end, at 23:35 it was over and David and the band got an ovational applause which lasted several minutes. And as the band and David left, David suddenly ran back to the audience, thanking us again and clapping his hands himself expressing joy and great pleasure.

It was the most beautiful gesture I've ever seen during his concerts. David, thank you very much for a splendid evening!!

By Pat Hermes, Sint - Oedenrode, The Netherlands.


Report: Ahoy Rotterdam
From: Hans Meertens

David was looking really great last night and his voice was absolutely superb. He hit all the high notes and long strikes right on the mark the entire show through.

Although he sung a lot of too-well-known hit songs for my taste, the finesse came with a striking, absolutely amazing version of Loving The Alien, an intense The Motel (during which David rightly ignored to accept the irritating offering of a bouquet of flowers held up to him that blocked the view of many fans in the first two rows. Why do people do such stupid things, please focus on the man's music and his performance and do not bother him and us fans during one of the most dramatic moments of the concert with such a trivial gesture!) and a stunning Heathen.

During encore Slip Away the videoscreen showed fragments of kid's show Uncle Arthur as well as karaoke lines of the choruses, which gave a perfect melancholic visual touch to the song.

He introduced the band twice and it was clear that Gail got the loudest support from the audience. It was a great concert and David got the entire hall (even the back rows) dancing and clapping during "Heroes" and Let's Dance.

If I must say anything against the show, it must be the miss of Fantastic Voyage and Reality (which he hasn't played at all so far) but that's only a slight remark about a perfect evening. Well worth being a fan for.

By Hans Meertens


Report: Rotterdam
From: John Genie

Rotterdam October 15, a memorable evening...

He came, he saw and he sung, a variety of styles... 2nd song Jean Genie.

The house rocked... Hallo Spaceboy was absolutely fantastic... Suffragette City, what a version... I even liked Under Pressure.

The Brits are lucky, they have several gigs ahead of them...

No Lady Grinning Soul though.


Report: Rotterdam
From: Ronno

The most memorable gig of all the Bowie shows I've ever seen... still can't really believe it. I liked the 'karaoke show' on Slip Away. Can't wait till the 31th in Cologne (which is not sold out yet, are there more Dutch fans who'll go there?)


Report: Rotterdam
From: Rob

Yeah, I'm still shaking!!!! What a show that was! It was the first time I saw Bowie live, and it was just a great experience! What a voice (I knew that already, what a charisma, and totally unexpected what a humor, it was good to see he and his had such a good time!

Highlights for me were: Heroes, Hallo Spaceboy, Loving The Alien, Ziggy-songs, Bring Me The Disco King. (What a great piano player Mike Garson is!!!!), Song 2, and of course all the jokes he was making that evening.