Germany, Stuttgart

(Sunday 26th October 2003)

Report: Stuttgart 26 October Review
From: Jom

Set list: Same as Zurich, except for 'Slip Away' which was dropped.

First new: Bowie confirmed on stage that he will come back for Springtime.

Very average show.

Bowie sang perfectly and the band was good, especially Earl who reworked his solo guitar for 'Sunday' (he used to massacre the song during the last tour).

But the audience was so dull; David did what he could to cheer it up, but there was nothing to do. The crowd only responded to songs like "Heroes", 'Let's Dance' and 'China Girl'. For 'The Motel', David had nearly to apologise, despite the truly fantastic version we heard (a highlight of the show for fans).

So at the end Bowie seemed bored with his concert, he sang well and with conviction, but there was no mood; it was like: They pay for it, let's do the job. So, no surprise in the set list.

They should really invest in a good sound system; the sound was so poor. Just two baffles at the left and the right of the stage and nothing in the middle. I was just in front, and I had somewhat the impression that the sound did not come form the stage, but from a good radio playing in another place. I mean, the screen, the 2 levels stage, that's all good, but damn it, it's a concert. We'd like to hear it properly!

(By the way, what the hell were those white dead trees? Hard to cheer a crowd and build up a good mood with such an ugly setting!)

Not so bad, but nothing to compare with the three Parisian concert I attended last year.