Germany, Munich

(Monday 27th October 2003)

Report: Munich 27 October Review
From: Maja

My friend and I were at the Olympiahalle early enough to catch some of the soundcheck (a back door was open and they had some trouble shutting it).

We were very excited to hear 'Sound And Vision' and also 'The Loneliest Guy', 'Modern Love', 'Days', 'The Motel' and what I thought was 'Red Money' (only heard a bit of the music and no vocals), but during the gig it turned out to be 'Sister Midnight'.

The first four songs from the soundcheck weren't played in the concert though.

During the show, 95% of the people just stood completely still the whole time, with a bit of reluctant hand-waving during the faster songs, such as 'Hallo Spaceboy' and 'I'm Afraid Of Americans'... and we're talking people right in front of the stage. I was in the 3rd row and felt like I was the only one around who danced and sang along! And people kept giving me nasty dirty looks for daring to move!

The concert was brilliant though, my first and maybe only DB one, as I can't actually afford spending a fortune on a ticket and driving across two countries to see him every time he's on tour, and there's not much chance of him coming to SLO (no one ever does).