Austria, Vienna

(Wednesday 29th October 2003)

Report: Austria 29 October Review
From: Pos

Well, just have to breathe through again and try to let what I have just seen settle... just came back from the Stadthalle in Vienna... Bowie was just great... I mean, to be honest, I haven't seen him before but he was in a great shape, seemed to be in an even better mood and played for 2hr 45min... wow... great sound, pretty cool set list and a phenomenal show... similar songs played like in Munich but added Let's Dance and 2 new ones... wow... wow... wow...

Thanks David... it was a great evening....


Report: Zurich
From: Mica Spes

I saw my very first Bowie concert in Zürich a week ago.

I don't know how his earlier shows were like, but this show was one of the best I ever saw.

Zurich isn't always an easy audience to play for, but they responded to David the moment he came on stage.

I don't think he has to do something totally new every tour. With that he'll just loose fans every time.

He's a genius, a really cool guy with a great voice and a kind heart. I don't think he has to change to play good music.