Germany, Berlin

(Monday 3rd November 2003)

Report: Berlin 3rd November Review
From: JamesD

Wow... what a night, simply awesome and amazing, everything I expected and a lot more. The man was in top form, the band are something else. The setlist speaks for itself.

And what a setlist... Five Years, All The Young Dudes, Fantastic Voyage, Loving The Alien, The Disco King, Fall Dog Bombs The Moon, The Motel... etc etc etc... everyone a classic, everyone simply brilliant

OK it's hard to see where else on tour he will do such a long set (2 hours 45 mins), but don't worry whether it's 33 songs or 23 songs you will not be dissapointed, the show is brilliant, the man at his absolute best, I can't wait for Birmingham or Dublin.

Bowie says he hopes to be back next year, well my advice to you all is get yourselves out here.

I knew I had to see Bowie in Berlin, and boy, oh boy is it worth it... Bowie loves Berlin and Berlin loves Bowie... the crowd last night was simply amazing, from the first note to the last, they were electrifying, the energy and noise was awesome and Bowie fed off it.

Hammersmith is hard to beat on its historic and performance content, but Berlin matches it.

About Berlin the city, well I love the place, it's the most beautiful city in the world, and I will be back next year, Berlin is captivating and the concert was a brilliant plus... so come to Berlin next year and like me, you won't want to go back home.

Love on ya

Ich bien Berliner.