Belgium, Antwerp
Sportpaleis Antwerpen

(Wednesday 5th November 2003)

Report: Antwerp 5th November Review
From: Pat Hermes

This is the second concert of the Reality tour I saw, the first one in Ahoy in Holland and now Antwerp.

The Dandy Warhols were almost boring, I still don't understand the choice for this band, but okay they have a great chance now but it doesn't kick ass, at least that's my opinion.

Again the evening openend with Queen Of All The Tarts (Overture) but David and the band did not go on stage after this song.

Two more songs followed before the band got on stage.

The audience was immediately on Bowie's side and Rebel Rebel was the kick off for a great evening.

During the show, David tried to make contact with the audience, making some jokes and fooling around now and then.

As the songs passed by you could hear David easing a little on his vocals. In the Ahoy concert the vocals were more powerfull and he more often sang the difficult parts.

But nevertheless, David's vocals were still great and it did not matter that sometimes he held back a little.

After 'Under Pressure' he introduced the band and Gail Ann got a loud ovation for her vocals.

In the meantime David told us that Gail Ann had said that if the audience liked her she would kiss each one of them. This even got her a bigger applause again.

As we were sitting this time on the left side off the stage, we could see David as he went behind the stage waiting for the right moment the go on again. This gave us a nice view on how things go backstage, David really was relaxed, making jokes and each time looked eager to go on stage again.

Also In Antwerp the highlights were New Killer Star, Spaceboy, Heroes, Loving The Alien (which again he explained was not a spacesong) and I'm Afraid Of Americans.

The audience went wild during these songs but the response was overwhelming during the whole 26 songs set.

Again I was very much impressed by this performance and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I'm still hoping that I'll get one more chance to see David on this tour.

Thank you David again for a wonderful evening.

Pat Hermes Sint-Oedenrode, Netherlands.