England, Birmingham
NEC Arena

(Wednesday 19th November 2003)

Report: NEC Birmingham
From: RealCoolCat

Bowie was fantastic last night. Probably best I've ever seen him. Everything was on top form, the crowd who all stayed, his voice was amazing, no struggling to reach high notes on Heroes or Ashes To Ashes. Certainly up there with any shows I've seen him do.


Report: Birmingham NEC
From: HelloMrEd

What a night. Great really great.

First half hour he said little and I thought, he's pissed off, but it soon came clear that he was gonna pull it off. Jean Genie a la harmonica was fab, as was Loving The Alien, I'm Afraid Of Americans and The Motel.

Funny comments, came in the form of going into rift of China Girl then starting Afraid, only to stop the band and go into China Girl then he went into panto mode 'supose you want cake. Let's see what's in my box... childlike actions then 'feck all'.

Nice touch during Afraid, playing hide and seek behind catwalk pretending to be afraid, but the best was the encores. No Heathen after Heroes, but then put it in after Slip Away which for me was highlight of show.

Thanks for great night.


Report: Birmingham 19th
From: GrumpyGnome

He was out of this world, maybe it was where I was stood but I didn't think the crowd reaction was as good as at Manchester but then others didn't think the same as me for Manchester!

Good on the stewards for turning (a bit of) a blind eye to us moving forward at the end!


Report: Birmingham 19th
From: Spidey and Don

WONDERFUL gig..... just AWESOME!!!

You've already seen the setlist (TheLodger deserves a medal for all his work on this Tour with the setlists) so you know how good a show it was.

We were lucky enough to have 3rd row tickets, but everyone went to the front barrier, and so we managed to get a good standing spot, albeit behind the most miserable people we've ever met at a live gig..... can you believe the guy Don was stood right behind didn't even clap after FIVE YEARS!!!! What a prat! and the woman I stood right behind, spent about 15 mins arguing with the security guy when we first stood up, about how would she cope if there was a big crowd behind her, and what if she needed to get out to go to the loo!!! and wasn't it a safety risk letting people stand up!!! **Spidey goes cross eyed** I wanted to say to her "well just go and sit down then, plenty of people would LOVE to be standing right in front where you are" but being the wimp I am I just tutted and made a 'knowing' face to Don and said nothing.

Needless to say, she only got animated during China Girl and Under Pressure!!! Say no more then!!!

Anyhoo, the gig itself....... David was WONDERFUL!!! On TOP FORM. His voice, his moves the whole thing, just soooooo special!!!!!

We're soo proud of him. He showed everyone in that hall tonight what a ROCK GOD really is.


Can't wait till tomorrow night.

Love on ya each....and for anyone who hasn't seen him yet this Tour, and who is going to, you are in for such a treat.


Report: Birmingham 19th
From: JamesD

Well what a brilliant day we all had... the concert was brilliant, 28 songs... wow wow wow... easily on par with the Berlin show, but here's my advice to people going to the gig in uk, Bowie responds to the crowd and the crowd last night in Birmingham, took their time but when they got going, they was superb. I had seats just on the bank to the right of the stage, sat next to a very nice couple, Andy and his girlfriend, she was the Bowie fan, but at the end Andy even said how brilliant Bowie was... and he was brilliant, any worries I had about his voice before hand was totally misplaced, Bowie was awesome, 24 of us went from Heanor, some seeing Bowie for the first time and all of them loved it... it was a fantastic night, Bowie is the ultimate rock god and genius, 28 songs wow, I'm still in heaven, but got to and iron my y-fronts ready for Dublin, what a night Saturday is going to be.