England, Birmingham
NEC Arena

(Thursday 20th November 2003)

Report: NEC 20th
From: Zog

One word sums up Bowie's NEC gig last night.


From the moment he kicked off with 'Rebel Rebel' right through to 'Ziggy Stardust' it just got better and better. The band was in superb form (what a tight outfit they are), Bowie was in great voice and the whole atmosphere was fantastic throughout.

Personal highlights for me were 'Sister Midnight', 'All The Young Dudes'(what a blast) 'Life on Mars?', 'Never Get Old', 'Hello Spaceboy', 'Heroes', 'Fantastic Voyage'... hell, the whole 28 songs, infact.

Not forgetting, of course, the whole crowd singing 'Happy Birthday' to Gail.

I liked the stage set as well. Not fussy, just simple and in perfect keeping with a really relaxed but no nonsense Bowie, just performing as only he can.

Plus, we had a great view.

Did anyone else think that the roof would come off by the end? Or even after 'All The Young Dudes?' I think DB was geninuely warmed by it all judging by his comments at the end of the show.

A great night. Roll on the next world tour!


Report: 20th Birmingham
From: Chris

It's now Saturday afternoon and I'm still excited!

Only the traffic into the NEC spoilt a wonderful concert. How many more people were amazed by the lack of organisation?

Got in about halfway through the Dandy's.

Loved the animation to start the show.... and then 2 and a 1/4 hours of pure bliss.

Highlights for me were 'Dudes' which was a great sing-a-long. 'Loneliest Guy' awesome vocal and Heroes which just got better and better. The encore was superb and everybody left raving about the whole show.

I must give a mention in despatches for the 'Shaking Teddy Bears' during Americans. Best laugh I've had for ages.


Report: Birmingham NEC
From: Spidey and Don

Well..... we thought it couldn't be as good as last night, but it was just as AWESOME!!!!

What a fantastic night again.

I have NO idea how he does it, me and Don were both worn out today, but there was Bowie, fresh as a daisy and in FINE voice again..... just WONDERFUL.

We had front row seats for tonight, but managed to get right up next to the barrier this time.... at first we had dead centre, but the security guards moved us to the side a bit, but we still had a FAB view. The security guard moved me first (after I pleaded with him to let me stay put) then he told Don to follow me, Don said to him "I ain't followin her, I'm married to her"!! First time I saw an NEC person crack a smile.

To be fair, they do a good job tho', coz there was no pushin' or jostlin' and we were able to dance around at the front without getting on anyones nerves.

The time went sooooo fast!!! Seemed even faster than last night, so we were a bit shocked when we realised he'd done 28 songs again!!!!

Was soo nice to hear Days and Fall Dog and Sister Midnight and Fantastic Voyage tonight too.

Most of the time I was just totally mesmerised watching Bowie, but a couple of times I turned to look at the crowd and it was just this sea of people with their arms in the air..... people in the aisles dancing and singing and I just felt sooooo bloomin proud of our David.

For a lot of the show I thought I was gonna have a heart attack or something..... I had this weirdest feeling in my chest and my hands were shakin like a leaf!!! I know I ALWAYS get excited, but I felt like I would BURST tonight LOL

That's it for us this Tour tho'.... wish we were going to Dublin at the weekend and wish we were going to Wembley next week, but we have no money and no holiday left so that's that!

Hope everyone who IS going to them gigs have a FANTASTIC time tho' (of course you WILL) and to everyone who's going to ANY shows on this Tour..... I have to say again, you are in for such a treat. Prepare to have ya socks knocked off

Love on ya each.

P.S. Ohh and the Happy Birthday thing for Gail was lovely She looked like a Princess tonight, bless her.


Report: Birmingham 20th
From: HelloMrEd

Boy....... I think I can safely say on behalf of myself, Spidey and Don that if you have been to both Brum gigs your gonna be preety content.

Tonight we get Sister Midnight, Dudes, Days, Fall Dogs Bombs, Fantastic Voyage, Hang On To Yourself.

After Under Pressure, David brings on a cake for Gail and we all sing happy birthday...... ah bless. The applause after Mars was intense and Bowie was overwhelmed. I'm not convinced however, of Heathen being played in the encores. The ebbs and flows are what makes this tour work so well. Who else could or would play Dudes followed by Loneliest Guy?

There is no doubt that Bowie had gotten into a little trouble last night for going over 11pm, as he said 'they got a curfew here you know. Of course a chorus of boos ran out and then Bowie said, so that's it see yer, then laughed and said 'naa, we got it sorted.'

At the end he said 'we've had a great couple of nights here... yer, but you see David, 'we are the luckiest guys. You're bloody amazing.