Scotland, Glasgow
Glasgow SECC

(Friday 28th November 2003)

Report: Glasgow SECC
From: Johnny Boy 'I'm only Dancing'

Fantastic Glasgow Show! Just returned from Glasgow after probably the best show I've ever seen. Among the usual set list he added Fashion, All The Young Dudes, Starman, Be My Wife, Let's Dance and White Light White Heat.

The crowd were jumping from the start and David was really up for it and really seemed to be enjoying the experience. I've never seen any crowd clapping, singing and dancing as much as Glasgow tonight.

All in all fantastic and an evening that will stay with me forever!

PS. Not only is it the last show of the tour but it is the last show he will ever do........ until T in the Park next year he said...........!


Report: Glasgow
From: Uncle Arthur

I'm just home from my Wembley and Glasgow trip. I thought Wembley was great but Glasgow was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've never seen an audience clap and sing along to every song from start to finish and it wasn't just a few people but almost all of the 8000 crowd.

I have been to dozens of db concerts since 1978 but this one will always be extra special.


Report: Glasgow
From: JimS

My Glasgow... Let me start by saying that the SECC was previously my least favourite venue! However on Friday db put on what has to be one of the best ever vocal performances I have heard in that venue. A great gig!!

A great show, which didn't suffer from any over production, allowed a very relaxed db to finish his tour in style. He seemed genuinely touched by the warmth of the audience and as you will already know he announced his return to Scotland next year at T in the Park(I went this year to see REM, its fantastic). I was at the gig with a couple of casual fans who were amazed at his stage presence, what more can I say!!

My only concern was......... dare I say...... the average age of the audience!! Yeah, its great to be at the front of a crowd with a great view but in 'my opinion' a good gig also needs some movement by the 'kids' at the front.

It was great to see db acknowledge Dean Andrews in the manner that he did, understated yet meaningful!!


Report: Glasgow SECC
From: zigizigi

Glasgow was amazing, definitely a very special show.

I sang and shouted so much my throat hurts (a lot).

Can't wait for next year.


Report: Glasgow
From: Ian McC

Absolutely stunning. Yeah I've been to a few gigs over the years and this one really is right up there. Great to see an audience show genuine appreciation of the 'newer' stuff. Never Get Old should be a staple for years to come. There was a real dynamism to this show with Bowie, the band and the audience feeding off each other. Starman and Let's Dance were pleasant surprises but Cactus, Life On Mars and Five Years were pure emotional sustenance.

Roll on Balado.