USA, California, San Jose
HP Pavilion

(Tuesday 27th January 2004)

Report: San Jose
From: Donovan

Bowie had the keyboardist/backup singer do part of Do You Know The Way To San Jose during his welcome/hello, he referred to the crowd as "beautiful" and "groovy", and after the sing-along arm-waving exercise of All The Young Dudes, he said that the response was "just about the best of this tour." Bowie definitely played guitar on Fall Dog and White Light, and acoustic guitar on Days. He did Hallo Spaceboy from the catwalk on stage left, and Disco King from the catwalk on stage right. He also made mention of having "gone down to the shops yesterday" (presumably in SF), trying to buy "something illegal", and ending up being handcuffed. It wasn't clear if he was kidding or not, as he didn't elaborate further.


Report: San Jose
From: andrew2_

Lovely... one of those shows where it seemed the band were as pleased as we were... and something for everyone in the set list... ( my only moan was the bereft-of-anything-from-'hours...' disappointment) still... musn't grumble... not much more to say really, only cos I'm certain others will have surely said it already in previous postings concerning the show... if anything, I only wanted to comment on the atmosphere db created Tuesday night, cos I've never known a performer to impart such an effortless air of familiarity and comfort in an arena show... never became an undignified scream-fest in there... a lovely atmosphere...

(A Reality World Tour: North American Leg)