USA, California, Los Angeles
Shrine Auditorium

(Monday 2nd February 2004)

Report: Shrine #2
From: Iggy Stardust

Bowie was in AMAZING form and spirit. During China Girl he was practically a teenager! It was an stunning show. The best I had seen him ever. Looking For Water, Loving The Alien, Under Pressure, Life On Mars, Ziggy, Disco King, Battle For Britain... were all what I would consider definitive versions... Simply stunning.


Report: Shrine Auditorium
From: The Killing Moon

I was there! The show was so amazing, it was by far the best concert I have ever been to. It's almost beyond words. The set list was incredible too, I'm so glad I went to tonight's show instead of Saturday. There were a lot of songs that haven't been on his set list for a while now, like Loving the Alien, Starman, Bring Me The Disco King.

Everyone was so into it, I didn't sit down once, and you could tell Bowie was really having a great time. I had a great 6th row view and the whole time I was jumping around and dancing. And of course, during Life On Mars and Five Years I got a little teary.

There was also Blue Jean, forgot about that one. That's always been a favorite so I was very excited. Maybe it's just me, but I think he really liked the crowd because it seemed like we got a real treat of all of the good stuff he hasn't played too often on the tour. I heard that for the Jan. 31st show, Bring Me the Disco King was on the original set list but was dropped. But then he played it at ours, so we must be special :)

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