USA, California, Los Angeles
The Wiltern

(Tuesday 3rd February 2004)

Report: First Bowie show Wiltern
From: Loose

Macy Gray was quite the singer and I felt goosebumps at certain moments of her set... will prolly pick up her CD. She sung about threesomes and murdering people.

At intermission a fifties woman sat down next to me and asked how Macy was. She took off her jacket and I immediated thought of that Bowie tune about his spine cracking from a woman's stench (he played it too... just can't remember the name).

After the first few Bowie tunes I notice a fifties guy (haircut of the Amish bowler from Kingpin only brunette) smoking a joint with his daughter. As I cup the lingering smoke toward my nostrils I notice him try to pass it up two rows to a gray haired fifties guy. This guy denies it and motions to pass it around (most have been the original toker). So Kingpin passes offers it to me and I can't resist. Couple puffs and feeling looser than ever.

Unfortunately it was very weak Mexican bud and lasted a whopping four songs maybe. By that time Bowie was pissed off that no one clapped along to the end of "Heathen" with him. A few audience claps shouldn't dictate how the rest of the show goes man (must have some German in him).

Bowie center stage strumming a beige guitar at the end. Five Years was simply sublime. What a performer... what a night.

Was wearing a DKNY pressed white collared shirt, blue trousers, buckled Italian leather shoes, and an Italian coat.


Report: Wiltern 3rd Feb
From: Ray G eclipse17 (formerly blackout80)

It was a wonderful show indeed, with the inclusion of Fantastic Voyage and Heathen (The Rays). It was my 4th show of the tour (and not the last), and the first time I got to hear both songs. Anyway, I wanted to say that actress Patricia Arquette (Stigmata, True Romance, Ed Wood....) was in attendance, directly in front of me in the lower balcony.

(A Reality World Tour: North American Leg)