USA, Arizona, Phoenix
Dodge Theatre

(Thursday 5th February 2004)

Report: I came, I saw, and almost conquered
From: Talented Child

What do you say about a first time Bowie show? Amazing, breathtaking, thrilling - it's as if you were transported to your own private world where all you can see and hear is Bowie.

Last night was my first Bowie show. I am still in shock. I can hardly believe that I actually got to see him. Better yet that I all most met him... Oh wait! I'm getting ahead of myself! Let me take you back to when it all began...

Sec.1, Row 25, seats 5, 6 and 7. Armed with a load of BFS fliers, a huge red poster, SofL lanyards, and all our dedication my mom, best friend, and myself hit the streets toward Dodge Theater.

Between meeting fans, handing out fliers, and even running in to a few BWWers my best friend and I realize that we're in the same building that Bowie is. To add to our excitement we meet two guys dressed up as the Thin White Duke and Ziggy Stardust. We chat with them - they're nice and also very excited. They had driven all the way from New Mexico for the show! So left with only a hand full of fliers we go to watch the last bit of Macy Gray.

From the moment the instrumental version of "Heroes" started to the climax of "Five Years" I was absolutely mesmerized. I mean, couldn't sit down, had to sing all the words, had to dance, had to wave, had to scream... Somehow I managed to take all most 27 pictures.

Then the show ends. We wait for the place to fairly well clear out. The lovely Bowie impersonators pose for a pic that I promise to put up on the web site. Then we manuevor outside. Around the back of Dodge we find the tour buses. Secuirity tells us on the backside of the building is where we'll want to be if we can make it past the cops. We slide past no problem. A hand full of maybe 20 dedicated fans are all gather shivering in the cold.

We wait.

11:15pm. No body. A pizza gets delivered to the stage door. Secuirity tells us we could be waiting intil midnight.

11:20pm. Secuirity suddenly tightens up. Mike, the piano player from heaven, steps out. He smiles and waves, but despite all of our coaxing he doesn't come over.

11:25pm. Gail and Kat come out. No acknowledgement. They board the tour bus. Mike appears from inside another bus, but still doesn't come over. He smiles again and disappears.

11:30pm. Bowie comes out with his trademark baseball cap. He sees us, hears us yelling "David" "Mr. Bowie" "Hey!" He smiles that vampire grin, waves his arm high in the air, camera flashes go off, and he gets in the bus.

11:45pm. The tour bus passes the hand full of 20 fans who had stood in the freezing cold to see him, catch a glimpse with hopes of an autograph.

I'm disappointed, but not let down. I saw him. I heard him. He had smiled at me.

(A Reality World Tour: North American Leg)