Australia, Sydney
Entertainment Centre

(Saturday 21st February 2004)

Report: Sydney #2
From: 96dbFreak

Last night was incredible. Friday was great, Saturday was even greater! The sound seemed better (maybe because we were seated in the centre this time?). He seemed more relaxed and the show seemed to flow better. The band seemed to be playing better, too (if that's possible - they're all so good).

Panic In Detroit was a lovely surprise and then Quicksand completely blew me away - one of my all-time faves. I know he likes to re-arrange Let's Dance often, but this sounded like yet another new arrangement to me (I may be wrong). Disco King was stunning. It's been 9 hours since the gig finished and I'm still buzzing with excitement. And I'm gonna see him again on Monday!!!!!


Report: Second Sydney
From: ZiDuang

I was at the Saturday night show too, Row 10 section C (still not close enough). Like you I was overwhelmed at actually SEEING him. It was a shock when he came out on stage, could that REALLY be him?? After all these years? The man who's music has been a soundtrack to my life?? I cried at Life On Mars, sobbed in fact... reminded me of my school days, my first love, writing BOWIE RULES all over our school books in that fat, seventies style graffiti. I don't think I have been to a concert that has moved me like that ever before. Closest was the Roxy Music reunion tour in 2001, but this surpassed even that. The last bars of Ziggy died away and left me bawling on the seat... ah what bitter sweet bliss it all was!!!

Oh and I am over 40 and I went OFF!!! Rocked, arm waved at All The Young Dudes and 5 Years, stood on me seat and screamed (much to my husbands amusement) and then even waited for an hour at the stage door to catch a glimpse of him dashing into his car... just like the good Hammersmith Odeon days.

Week before last I nearly got chucked out of the State Theatre at the Bryan Ferry concert for dancing for f**ks sake! How anyone can sit through the violin solo from Out Of The Blue without so much as raising an eyebrow is quite beyond me... some people just have no SOUL!!

(A Reality Pacific Rim Tour 2004)