Japan, Tokyo
Nippon Budokan Hall

(Tuesday 9th March 2004)

Report: Japan Nipon Budokan the second concert - 9/3
From: alladin_kane

I was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday I watched the legend live, for the first time, and I can say that with the Nine Inch Nails concert that I went to in 1999, was the most memorable concert I ever saw.....

The man was great, charismatic, great voice, great band, great songs, I still have that concert in mind, in details.... and I'm so happy...... yay....


Report: 2nd Tokyo
From: Hip Priest

The second night set was unreal, absolutely fantastic!

He seemed really at ease and eager to play, seemed we were going to get Always Crashing The Same Car before the final two songs, semi announced it and asked what acoustic he used, then forgot about it, which was a bummer, would have hit 30 songs!

Even had a small mime show when some loose cable fun stopped the show, Bowie miming reeling in the cable, bits of spoken Japanese (Tadaima!, or I'm back, which was a little different to the @hello Tokyo you crazy motherf**kers on the first night!!!, Chotto matte or hang on a minute and of course Kon ban wa! Good evening!).

Went to a cracking aftershow party with several Bowie old firmers, plus a gang of Japanese fans, organised by Bowienetter Yasukosan, who also kindly bought a video for us to watch with Bowie Japanese tele snippets going back to around 78. Kept us boozing till 4am, now I've got to do it all again tonight in Osaka, ah the pressures of fandom and the love of alcohol, a gift I say, a gift!

Well, if the above seems incoherent, rambling and lacking in song detail, my apologies, but hey, it took me yesterday to come down and most of this morning to rid myself of my hangover!

OK, here I go, bar, chicken, merchandise and I hope a 30 song set, with Cracked Actor in it as it was soundchecked again, along with Diamond Dogs before the 9th show, Diamond Dogs without him, Cracked Actor with!

(A Reality Pacific Rim Tour 2004)