Canada, Toronto
The Air Canada Centre

(Thursday 1st April 2004)

Report: Toronto Review
From: Karl

That was the best concert I have ever been to, and I was in the third row!! It was awesome!


Report: Toronto
From: Annon

I was pretty much moved by the whole performance.... It was such a rush... I honestly couldn't stop myself from screaming at the top of my voice.... It's all I could really do to express my pure.... joy... for being at that concert. It was SOOO AWESOME!


Report: Toronto
From: Alison

I was very fortunate in the fact that I was able to attend Bowie's concert at the ACC last night. Oh, my I was soo impressed. I was in pretty good seats, but I was stuck at the side...... but I could have been up in the 300's behind a post, and still be happy. My voice is gone today, because I don't think I have screamed as loud in my life. He played soo many good songs, and preformed them so well. I especially enjoyed Starman, Ziggy, Slip Away and Modern Love.... AMAZING SHOW.... as well, his opening band, Polyphonic Spree.... wow... I was really impressed! They were awesome too!


Report: Toronto
From: Ciggie

Just saw Bowie in Toronto last night... Absolutely AMAZING! Can't wait until he comes back to Canada, what a great performer and guy! ;)


Report: Toronto ACC Review
From: Steve aka SecondTube

Well, here's a small review. Bowie was the first artist I ever really started listening to. I bought his tape, RAFO Ziggy Stardust when I was 9 years old. My first cd was the same. I pretty much grew up listening to all the old Bowie.

Then when I hit the teen years I discovered the Bowie Funk. To this day, his mid 80's stuff is still my favorite to get down to.

Thursday night offered the perfect contrast of both. Starting the show off with Rebel Rebel was a booty shaking beginning. Let me tell you, it was very nice to see a bunch of smiling, dancing cougars getting down all around me.

Bowie kept the groove going with early New Killer Star, by far my favorite new Bowie track. Following that w/ Fame was amazing... It was so nice to hear Fame the way it was meant to be played... kinda missed the horn section in this song, but it still funked my brain...

China Girl a few songs later kept the groove going... strong. Next biggie was The Man Who Sold The World, and I can't believe how strong the crowd reacted to this song... never knew it was that big of a hit!!!

The mid show kinda slowed down hit wise, but as a big Bowie fan, I enjoyed seeing his new stuff... Songs like Heathen, Days, Slip Away with a kickass Stylophone ending, Looking For Water and Quicksand were all great new songs.... or at least songs I didn't recognize... Quicksand being my favorite I think... Another one of those new songs had a fantastic organ solo in the middle, as the band jammed out...

Under Pressure wasn't too shabby, but I enjoyed the Ashes To Ashes, Hang On To Yourself (which I REALLY liked, but seems not too many people got into) I'm Afraid of Americans, Heroes ending...

The Encore was more than I could have asked for.

In total five songs from Ziggy Stardust... something I wasn't expecting... I purposely avoided the recent Bowie setlists, keeping the show a surprise...

Overall I'd give the show a 9 outta 10. I wish they had their horn section, which would have allowed them to play Golden Years, Let's Dance, and Changes.... three songs that would kick SERIOUS ass to hear. Anyone following his tour know if he's playing any of those at other shows?

Of course Space Oddity would have been a blast, but I knew going in that he wasn't playing it...

I can't imagine how good a Bowie greatest hits show would be... but what artist wants to play all their old stuff??? Well, he's written some crazy new stuff... maybe a three hour, two set Bowie show is in order!!!!

Well, sorry about the rant, but I enjoyed the show.


Report: Toronto
From: Leonarda

I went to see David Bowie's concert Thursday, April 1/04, at the Air Canada Centre and he was bigger than life. My dream came true when I saw him live what a wonderful night I had... I was in dreamland.


Report: Toronto
From: Ally

For being 57, Bowie has more energy than most 30 somethings he was amazing!!! Not to mention those black jeans OMG along with the grinding hips. Bowie was at his best.

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