USA, WA, Seattle

(Wednesday 14th April 2004)

Report: KeyArena (Seattle) 14th April
From: Pax

Let me first say that the whole atmosphere in the Key was electric! Everyone was pumped! Secondly, I was very surprised at what a wide variety our Mr. Bowie brought together! On one hand, there were clusters dressed in black capes and Nightmare Before Christmas gear, and then I noticed large groups of middle-aged couples in cardigan sets and Eddie Bauer; in general, the many different hairstyles/colors and vivid array of clothing was amazing to behold!...

Now, on to the concert.

The Polyphonic Spree. Well. What to say?... Loud, certainly. Very much so in fact. And not a warm, pleasing loud either... more of a "Oh-my-dear-Lord-are-they-done-yet?" loud. As my father put it, they were like a church choir on steroids. Needless to say, they fail to obtain membership to my "Likes" list, if you grasp my meaning.

After the opening act took their leave, there was a painfully long intermission as David's stage was set up. All the while, I sat perched in my 21st row seat (sigh), binoculars in hand, keeping a constant vigil should David, or perhaps Earl Slick, peek out. No such luck.

My father had just come back from chatting with the usher (he enjoys such things...) to tell my friend and I that David may not come out until 9:15 (it was currently about 8:45) when, suddenly, the sweet tang of a guitar rang out... it was cut short, and quickly followed by "No, keep going Earl, I liked that..."

The lights dimmed, and the screen lit up. The Concert began.

The band all filed on to the stage, shortly followed by Bowie. I was on my feet in an instant (I'd like to take this change to apologize to the lovely people behind me, as I was standing for the majority of the show. I'm sorry if I ruined your view of the show!). He started out with Rebel Rebel, an ingenious opening, in my opinion; it really stirred everyone up!

I have a terrible problem with rambling, especially with something like this, so I'm going to give you lot the setlist and comment on the best!..

During China Girl, he first attempted it in Chinese, but cut it off, saying that he'd forgotten the lyrics! He then went on to explain that his Mandarin wasn't as good as his Cantonese, and that he'd better just do it in English...

Then, after the notorious "oh baby, just shut your mouth" bit, he turned around and proceeded to do that thing where you appear to be making-out with someone, but are in reality just wrapping your arms around yourself (does that make sense?)! It was hilarious.

David and the band all left the stage, and we fought ferociously for an encore... after what I'd say was about five minutes, my hope was fading, when suddenly Mike Garson and Catherine Russell came running back onto the stage, quickly followed by Earl Slick and Gerry Leonard. David and Gail Ann Dorsey took up the rear (David had put on this funny little blue sports jacket with a sparkly pocket square :D)!

When they started up Suffragette, I can fairly say that I shrieked like banshee. I love this song to death and was a little upset that they hadn't played it, so this made me happy!

Ziggy Stardust - This is and will forever remain the best concert anthem ever! Long live Ziggy!

This was the most amazing concert I've ever been to! David Bowie is a true performer!!



Report: Seattle KeyArena
From: Michelle J. Hickman

The latest concert here in Seattle KeyArena was awesome! I took my 11-year-old for her birthday. I was hoping to get an autograph for her, but we didn't have a means to do so. I just had my second surgery, to reconstruct my spine, and I almost didn't make it to the concert. I went though! I paid $855 for the tickets, so I just couldn't miss out. I haven't felt that much alive since before my auto accident in October 2002. I wish that I had a way to thank him for sharing his special gifts and talents with us all.


Report: Supersix's *LATE* Seattle Review
From: Supersix4

On April 14, David Bowie performed at the Key arena in Seattle, Washington. It was the best night of my life!(Actually, January 25 and April 14 were the best days of my life) Anyway, I traveled from Spokane the night of the gig, the day after my birthday.

As sitting in 4th row, the show started off with the Polyphonic Spree. Like Macy Gray, most of the audience basically sat on their butts. You could tell that we were there for Bowie.

Now, when David and the band had walked on stage. I was jumping for joy. Seeing him again brought back memories of January 25th, and it wasn't even that long ago. David started off with the fantastic classic, "Rebel Rebel". Hip swaying, head banging, David was wearing a purple velvet jacket w/ tails, tight black jeans, t-shirt type, and a yellow tie. Couldn't he be any sexier?

He performed NKS, I always cherish these moments. He grinned at me during the first time he said "Don't ever say I'm better..." to "I'm better than you". I just had to bring that up.

David was singing China Girl in chinese, but "forgot" the lyrics, so he then played the regular english version of China Girl. At that time, I was thinking maybe he would try to sing the german version of "Heroes", "Helden", j/k.

At the end of the Loneliest Guy, DB goes down on his knees for no reason. David comes back up, and says something like, "I don't know why I did that. I'm not feeling that well. I'm trying to sweat it all out". When he said that, I was being a little pervert, not even thinking I shout, "YEAH YOU ARE!". My sister beside be started bursting out laughing. I wasn't even embarrassed. Why should I?

He also sang one of my favorites, Ashes to Ashes. I love to hear it live. During the song, the microphone slipped out of his hands, but then caught it before it fell to the ground. I thought that was cute. David's salsa dancing during Let's Dance was sexy. (Yeah, you can tell I have never been to many Bowie concerts LOL).

He sang many other great hits, like TMWSTW, and Fashion. But when David left stage. I was sad that the concert was coming to an end. The Encores were, Changes. Suffragette City is so cool when the whole crowd shouts "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!". When I heard the first few notes for Ziggy Stardust, my sister (Melissamg, from BNet) and I turn to each other and pout "no".

As David is singing Ziggy, me and the crowd were shouting "So where were the spiders!", smiling uncontrollably, being happy, all that good crap. As when David finished the song. The screen displays the name "BOWIE", lights going off. And then David says something that will probably make him come back, maybe not during this tour, or maybe it's just me. He says, "See you soon".

As David walks off stage, the crowd (including me) starts chanting "BOWIE" over and over again, knowing he won't come back, but hoping.

When Melissa and I were walking to the car. Feel the cool spring Seattle air, wearing my new DB shirt, and holding the tour programme. I roll down the window in the car yelling "DAVID BOWIE RULES" to the people walking by the parking lot. After saying that and coming to the hotel. I lay my head upon the my pillow thinking this was my best birthday present.

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