USA, GA, Atlanta
Chastain Park Amphitheatre

(Saturday 8th May 2004)

Report: The Reality Tour in Atlanta, GA
From: Victoria

What Happened:

David came out on stage, last night, and he looked spectacular!

He wore a 17th century looking frock coat that was gorgeous, and considering the heat outside in the amphitheatre, he quickly shed it for another gray coat underneath. That came off quick, and David did the show in a sleeveless t-shirt.

The small amphitheatre was packed and the acoustics were great.

After All The Young Dudes, David bantered with a woman close to the stage. She wanted to correct him on the 'proper pronunciation' of 'New Orleans'. "It's not New Orleeens", the woman told him, "It's New Orlinnns, dude"! David laughed.

David does a little hip-swaying dance with Gail, during China Girl. Starting The Loneliest Guy, David said 'tonight I resisted improvising. If I said I'm the 'luckiest guy', that's a different song, isn't it.

After Looking For Water David said we 'probably had a bad curfew, but he was going to keep going [started at 9:45 'till 11:00]. After Heathen (The Rays), David said he 'especially wanted to thank a group of people, the fantastic crews that helped them set up, and a Big Shout Out to his crew particularly.' Here he stopped to banter with someone from the first few rows, calling them 'Fancy Pants'. Then he went on to intro his band: Earl Slick, Mike Garson, Catherine Cat Russell, Sterling Campbell and Gerry Leonard.

Then he went into Under Pressure introducing Gail Ann Dorsey and her taking Freddie Mercury's part [from Queen] in the song. Before Ashes To Ashes, David said, "Protect me from darkness", saying "That's a British joke". David did some suave moves with Gail, during this one, holding onto her waist.

David intro'd the song I'm Afraid of Americans with "There's only two Americans I trust and they are not here tonight. That means I can sing about them." David did a very quick grab at his package and swayed very erotically for a short moment during this song. After, he said 'You're all still crazy muther fuckers, Atlanta, huh! They thanked us after "Heroes", and left the stage.

We clapped and hollared for perhaps 2 minutes and the band came back out for the 2 song encore. It was a spectacular performance!

Hey, to the guy with the red shoes [recognized Let's Dance before I did] in row H62-65, and his sweet girl friend.

Special thanks to my true friend Crystal (StarLite) Wright, who came with me.

- an obsessed Bowie fan,
- greeneyes loves Bowie from Stone Mountain, GA.


Report: Atlanta
From: Angel

I went to my first Bowie concert last Saturday!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!

I just wish I would have had a better seat! For the first 15 minutes I did nothing but stand up and cry. I stood up the entire concert except for 1 song and a half because I felt terrible.

I took an album to get signed, since the concert is my only birthday present I figured I would get something out of it. So we went around and asked, and they said he was completely unaccessible. I got so bummed out, that I wanted to go home. I was also highly decked out wearing all of my David buttons and a red thunderbolt tiara. Also they were selling that Aladdin Sane jacket there for a $100 instead of $150 so I scrapped my money and got it.

After awhile Stereophonics came on and they were pretty good, but I still didn't feel well. Then he came on, and like I said all I did was cry for the longest time.

Kassie made me wave whenever the light came over us, and so twice he waved back directly at us!

And in 'Let's Dance' at one point instead of saying she says Shhhh. He said "She says Ahh... Shut the Fuck Up!"

It was so very wonderful, but of course it ended to soon.

OH! They performed my favorite song from Reality "Fall Dog Bombs The Moon" And they had a little stuffed dog jump up and down on stage.

It was really great it really was.

(A Reality World Tour: North American Leg)