USA, PA, Hershey
The Star Pavilion

(Thursday 13th May 2004)

Report: Bowie truly makes Hershey the Sweetest Place On Earth!
From: RaggedandNaive

Good morning to you all! I am slowly waking up from the dream-state I lived in last night and would like to share with you all that I can remember although you'll have to bear with my stream of consciousness recall.

I originally bought three lawn tix and some family friends (Thanks J&P) couldn't make it and offered me their 12th row tix. Thanks to their generosity I had the most incredible time.

One tragic thing about my fandom is that I am the only person I know who loves DB. I go with my husband or friends who 'put up with it' and it's never quite the same. So last night I was in the heart of all you wonderful fans and feeding off of and feeling the energy and it was magic!

But let's start with the Stereophonics. WAAAYYYYY better than the Polyphonic Spree, at least in my opinion. Good solid music and worked the crowd up a lot more. They reminded me of Mother Love Bone and had a great bluesy song that was a good hipgrinder. As they stated they're 'absolutely fucking massive in Wales' and would like to be so here... I would suggest getting there in time to see them. They're a good listen and I'll be picking up the latest album this weekend in time to sing along at the Sunday night show in DC. (The last sniff show that I'll be seeing on this tour.)

Right. So let's get to the good stuff!

To the best of my recollection (and it's not great with order but I think I have all of the songs) the set list was as follows:

     Rebel Rebel
     New Killer Star
     Sister Midnight
     All The Young Dudes
     China Girl
     The Loneliest Guy
     Heathen (The Rays)
     Panic In Detroit
     Station To Station
     Let's Dance
     Modern Love
     Hallo Spaceboy
     Ashes To Ashes
     Hang On To Yourself
     Supermen - one verse
     The Man Who Sold The World
     Under Pressure
     White Light/White Heat
     I'm Afraid Of Americans
     Suffragette City
     Ziggy Stardust

Surprisingly light night on Reality tunes. I confess I was not exactly thrilled to hear The Loneliest Guy but combined with that incredible ability to (dare I say) mime, he just nailed it. I am amazed at how much these so-familiar songs can take me by surprise when done live. Fame was another mime laden performance... his lipstick and mirror moment at the end of the song about undid my sister!

On a personal note, I have to say that I did get to share this one with my sister who I forced to listen to Bowie when we shared a room together. She's a fan now (how could she not be!?) and when Panic In Detroit came on, we both had this realization that our memories of listening to it were the same and it made me think about how much of the soundtrack of my life is Bowie. And what a gift he's given us. Does he really know?

The big surprise for me was Station To Station. I hadn't seen the set lists the last couple of days and honestly thought it was a tease when that first sweep of sound started the train. I was blown away! I can remember opening my S&V box and listening to that song for the first time and thinking 'now THIS would be fantastic live!' but never really believing I'd actually see it. "Surprise" says DB. WOW. YEAH. I should say so!

I should mention at this point that it was hot. I'd have to say in the upper 70s but the humidity kept all the smoke effects in the air for a long time. And it was hot. And the band was hot. And the audience was hot. And DB was hot. (Isn't he always?) And STS was so good and filled with energy that it was visibly draining on everyone there. SO GOOD! Thank you David!

I'm also beginning to think that it's me as far as this partial song issue is concerned. He got halfway through the Supermen and just stopped. Unlike Quicksand at Philly, he didn't go back to it. Said "Well, that's how that one goes. Any other requests?" Whereupon someone shouts out for "Width of a Circle" and he teases us with "Do you know that one? Well, I don't" and played TMWSTW.

The sweet moment of the night came when he sang "Let's Dance" for 'lady' in the 8th row... she had a sign that said it was her birthday and on the back it requested the song. So he wishes her happy birthday and played the absolute best rendition of it that I have heard... talk about swanky lounge singer act turns into dance compelling rock! Absolutely fantastic!

Hallo Spaceboy just rocked the house. Every time I hear something from Outside it makes me go back and listen again. It is music meant to be played loud and hard and fast - just the way we rebels want it. The light show was outstanding and the drums are still echoing in my core.

I'm Afraid of Americans was unreal. When I tell you that the ground shook and that there was tangible electricity in the air it almost begins to cover the energy that was blasting off of the stage.

The transition from Sunday to Heathen was just so nice! I noticed it the last time in Philly, but it was breathtaking the beauty of the changeover and further highlighted the brilliance of putting these two songs together.

Oh, and I said after Philly that the 'wham bam thank you mam' was a great moment for me then, sitting in the upper tier... it truly knocked me over being right there in the thick of it! Get me a cigarette!

The encore was short. It was sad to miss Five Years but I can't complain about anything except that there's never gonna be enough Bowie (never mind the bullets, sex and drugs!)

In fact, I have to relate one more thing about this concert that was wonderful - I love to hear DB laugh! It seems to me that genuine laughter is precious and as he spoke about the Stereophonics and their Welsh origins he mentioned that there had been a Welsh flag in the audience earlier. After reprimanding someone for lying about having had the flag and then seeing the flag, he waxed philosophic about the roller coaster's lights in the distance saying that it would be a great story to say that 'I ate all the chocolate, rode the roller coaster, threw up and saw Bowie," and he just laughed. He laughed. He just made my night then.

You wonder sometimes if he's genuinely enjoying himself and if we give him as much as an audience as he give us as a performer. He laughed. Yay!


Report: Hershey
From: Bowiesbrowgal

I was there too! It was far more than amazing... it was my first Bowie show ever... I cried during Station To Station... I had never felt more alive in my life. The crowd was pretty into it, and the whole evening was great.

I need pictures! I was the one who got Gail's duck!!! I had never felt so honored when it came to me. Where were you sitting?

My next show will be in D.C. as well 14th row.


Report: Hershey, PA show review!
From: Bowiesbrowgal

Yesterday night, was indeed the best night that I have ever, and will ever have in my lifetime. - WOW.

The second I drove up to Hershey in the car, and saw the big Reality Tour signs hanging from the stage... I knew it was going to be one hell of a night. My blood started to pace in a way that was unbelievable. I was wearing black tights with bright pink shows, as well as my black, pink and purple strapless modern flapper dress.

As soon as we were dropped off, a pretty large man with white hair approached us with bags filled with a local magazine dedicated to David Bowie. I didn't have time to look at more than the cover, because we had to get in line. It was around 6:30 and they weren't letting anyone in quite yet. By 7 we were getting a little testy baking in the sun and heat... but it didn't madder. I was going to see David.

They finally let us in there, and I was taken away by the "table of stuff" to my left and ran over to see how I could spend my money on Reality Tour goodies. I got a long sleeved Reality Tour shirt, a mug for the wonderful coffee binges, the pins and patches, and yes the Reality bag. I will be getting at least 3 more shirts at D.C. but this would do for now. What can I say... when something had Bowie's face on it you know you are going to love it.

It was an outdoors show, the sun was starting to go down and the weather could have not been better than this. Finally, I hurried my way along being ticketed and staped... and looked for my seats. I needed to know how close I was! Oh, and was I ever so close. 7th row, dead center stage ...only 10 feet away from the one I love.

I talked to all the people around me, they were all so nice and full of Bowie love like I and Ins. We were all ready for him. But first the Stereo-things had to make their go on the stage. I think that the band was very talented. The drummer kept up a good beat for the songs and the guitar was pretty good... just that... singer. I can't stand that winny Icanscreamreallyloudandsloppy sounding voice. They didn't move me, sort to speak. I found no sex in the rhythm. All and all, I can't be too harsh. I just wanted Bowie. I wondered what he was thinking, or doing that second.

"Well, we were all sitting talking over some heinees and David said that THIS was his favorite song, so make David happy and enjoy it." Or something along those lines.

We chatted some more as I was introduced to Teri's boyfriend that had slept through 23 of the songs at the Philly show and I wondered " And... you are you having a relationship with this man again?"

Then, the time came. It came. The lights went down and the music stopped. As soon as we know it the band is on stage and the white light is shinning where Bowie's beautiful body would stand... and there he was... he came from the left side and entered the stage. He started to sing Rebel Rebel full blast as the light came on his face. I screamed the loudest scream of my life. It was like having sex for the first time. He was everything and more of what I thought he would be. Oh God... his jeans were so tight with those skinny little muscular legs... The blue jean chucks... the silver jacket... the hair. That face. I was so close I could smell him. After completely admiring him, I started to shake. I felt the legs beneath me getting weaker. They were. I felt like I had to faint, but I knew I had to keep going on. Keep dancing like the fool I am. He started to strip off the clothing after the first song, or "drapes" as he referred to them.

"HELLO, I'm Willy Wonka!" said Bowie...

I was standing the whole two hours, it was fantastic. I was so afraid I would get a lame crowd of people, but I was dead wrong. Me and this one man the left of me, a row ahead kept looking back and forth looking at each other with this smile... " Yes, he's fucking hot, and we are rocking so hard!" Like a sign of accomplishment.

He played SISTER MIDNIGHT! Iggy Pop, yes. He said something like, well this one's an Iggy Pop song...

He talked, his voice! Oh that man's voice... I just love the way he talked and laughed. It was all so perfect.

Oh then came China Girl. I was surprised he played it so early in the set. I love how he looked down at the floor and smiles to himself. He sat down on the floor and pointed the microphone at us, wanted us to sing the first verse. No-one said anything, it's was hilarious. He said it was... "Tragic, that was tragic!" Then of course he went on to sing the song anyways after our horrid attempt.

He started to say how he saw a Welsh flag out in the audience... he wanted to know who's it was and a man way out in the middle screamed like he did, then he said he lied... " Don't lie when you're in a crowd and there is 7,000 people all around you! This is really the worst time to lie." Then someone held up the real flag, "Oh there it is! "and he went on about it. That brought about the making fun of Gerry and the non-existent Irish flag as Bowie would say.

Once the chord for The Man Who Sold The World was over, which happened to be a huge favorite of all the people around me, fantastic really, Panic In Detroit! AHH! Man the few of us got pumped up and excited. I am so happy he played my favorite song off of Aladdin Sane. He was rocking equally hard with the song as we were too.

Speaking of one great song, Hallo Spaceboy kicked ass. I was using so many hand and arm movements I think I was going to drift away to a different galaxy. Moondust will cover you... this chaos is killing me... bye bye looove...

Sunday and Heathen, let me say this... Earl Slick... I love you. I do. The songs were formed together in a way, on right after the other, it was like a very long and beautiful song. The extra, added guitar solo's were more then amazing. Earl seemed to be really into every note he played.

In response back the show, we all had to do something right? Yes. So someone started to throw around a beach ball. It was a nice, light beach ball. Teri got it behind me and punched it onto the stage where it hit David in the leg and bounced off. " Don't ever fuck with an English man and a beach ball"... as he have it all he got, with a very hard kick. It barley got to the first row of section C, and he said " Oh it was the wind. It was the wind's fault. If it hadn't been for the wind, would've been way out there and you wouldn't have seen it for dust!" We love Bowie's inner child.

Under Pressure. This was a moment right here. Gail comes in with the good stuff. He starts to introduce the band, making fun of his "little Irish man on guitar"... It seems he waited on bass. He introduced her, as we went into Under Pressure.

And here it is guys... The best part of the WHOLE NIGHT. Listen up... the story of Squirt.

Ok... there was a small table behind Gail with the water bottles and she reached behind her back and picked up a small, what I thought it was... a small yellow ball. She started to laugh, and then she started throwing it back and forth to Gerry. He started to giggle as well. David made a glimpse and what was going on and smiled. Suddenly Gail starts to pull back her arm over and over like she is going to throw it, and finally ...SHE DID! It was all in slow motion for me. It happened all like a dream. I saw it come right for me, the people in the rows in front of me all went and reached up for it, but it landed right in front of my feet and I caught the ball. But it wasn't a ball at all! It was a little yellow rubber duck. Best of all it was dressed like a SAILOR! HAHA. Best ever... what can I say. Ins was screaming... looking at like "OMG YOU GOT THE DUCK!" AHH, I stood there with my mouth open, staring at the stage and back at the duck... as everyone around me gazed at me with a evil jealously... hehe. Loveeeee. I named him 'Squirt' because that is what it says on left wing. People started gazing at me, once I started licking it... knowing that Bowie's hand had touched it at one point. I had finally gone.

...After Under Pressure... it came... the song of my dreams. The song I had sat in my room for two years thinking how wonderful it would be if I actually see David Bowie on stage sing this song. How much I would cry, and sing in amazement. He went to the left of the stage and got down in this strange lion crouching position... and it started...


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! *cough...*

As soon as I heard the first two notes of the song, the endless screaming began. I was in shock with excitement. I thought it was to good to be true. Once the screaming was gone, the tears in the eyes came along... The whole thing was just breathtaking. He sang it without a flaw in his voice. Trust me... it's not the side effects of the Cocaine... this was love. I swear it was like having mad, MAD sex for the first time ever. I seriously was going to come in my pants as soon as the climax of the song hit... afterwards, I couldn't stop myself from screaming "Thank you!" Over and over again... It means so much to the young woman in the 7th row Mr. Bowie!

He played a verse from The Supermen after a while as well, very happy with that. Seeing as a little girl in the 2nd row kept saying "Supermen! Supermen!" He simply replied... "You are a little young to appreciate that one"... and one guy in the front kept screaming out WIDTH OF A CIRCLE in which he replayed again... "Do you know how to play it? No? Neither do we... so we're fucked" ...whole singing Supermen he plammed down the stand.." And that's how it went"... hehe Something about English men cussing with REALLY tight pants on...

Speaking of pants, can you even imagine where they have been? Those are like universal pants. Same with the shirt, and the shoes. Wow. Legs... legs go in pants... his legs were so skinny... he was so thin. Awww he was just the way I thought he would look.

Then, another incident came when a lady in the 8th row, blond hair, had a sign that said "It's my Birthday" on the front and "Play Let's Dance" on the back. David happened to be looking in the audience, and said "SO it's your birthday? Happy Birthday. We can play Let's Dance, should we play Let's Dance? Well we should do it now, because it wouldn't work with the song were were going to do." She was in shock, but I was happy he played it. I sure danced!=}

"So, you like that time period? Ok... one more from that era." And then there was something called Modern Love. That was really fun as well. We really did a little of everything that night. To me it was perfect.

One of the greatest parts of the night, because we were screaming so loud. It is true, our little group were the loudest people in that whole place, he LOOKED where we were and covered his face up really kid like... and started I'm Afraid of Americans". I was honored that my screaming talents has been recognized by the great man himself. I also got a little jealous of the people in the first row, it was a couple and they got the touch David's hand...

Heroes was really a touching moment. Everyone was holding up peace signs, it was all really nice.

The excitement suddenly dropped when they left the stage. I knew they were going to come back for an encore, but it was like when a mother lets go of her sleeping baby in her arms. He came back on and started it up with an ass kicking Suffragette City. I was so excited to be able to scream at the top of my lungs "WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM!" with David topping it all of one of his kicks.

Then when I knew Ziggy Stardust came on, it was the last song. I didn't want it to end. I felt like I had been standing for 10 minutes. I could have rocked all night. With Jimmy that is... {get it, ha..ha...} I made the moment last, everyone was standing and singing along.

The they formed a line and bowed to all of us. It was all to sudden, all to soon. They were gone and the lights came on. I rushed to the front of the stage to see if I could get anything, and of course I did, and so did Ins. Guitar picks. Nice. I would have loved a set-list but, they were being occupied and fought over at the moment.

We left in a wowing daze, not even walking the right way to leave. I guess my body wanted to stay. Why wouldn't I? So went out looking for my dad's car to pick us up, under the Goodbar sign. To my surprise, they were all Goodbar signs so we were the last ones to leave. That wasn't a problem at all. We lay down on the pavement and talked about how wonderful it was. Random outbursts of I love David Bowie came out. One time, people in the car about 20 yards from where we were laying started along with it too...






We found the car and went home. Away from... him. It was like leaving your hometown for the first time and never being able to come back again. I wondered what he was doing right then. Laughing? Having a good drink? Talking about the show?

First Bowie show, and the best...

(A Reality World Tour: North American Leg)