CANADA, ON, London
John Labatt Centre

(Friday 14th May 2004)

Report: Labatt Centre, Ontario
From: GetCarter

Show was out of this world. Audience cheered like crazy. Great atmos. More later...


Report: JLC, ON
From: Claire

OMG I was numb for the first half of the concert. Fantastic show. Completely in a wonderworld of my own.

David you're THE star. Shine on baby!


Report: Baden Ontario
From: Max Lantz

I just got back from Bowie's London Ontario show. Amazing! I can't believe it. Amazing. Pure amazing.


Report: John Labbatt's Center
From: Claudia Haas

Back in October my partner and I had planned our honeymoon in Italy around David Bowie. We were both blown away by his powerful performance in Milan.

To see Bowie live is an amazing experience and I recommend people to see him live. Now months later we had heard that he was coming to London ON and that made us both jump on that wagon again to see him, this time bringing a Bowie virgin along for the ride.

We had managed to get floor seats this time around and boy was that worth it. Bowie had brought out a crowd of many walks of life. We had geared up to a drive down to London by listening to 96 fm which had an hour of music dedicated to Bowie. The hour came about and we were in our seats, in the center, so close it was hard to believe.

The Stereophonics were the opening band and were brilliant. Then the wait before Bowie came on seemed to be forever, when all of a sudden the light dimmed, the intro started and Bowie appeared. So the night of a show that lasted 2 1/2 hours began.

Bowie strutted the stage, and I couldn't believe how amazing he looked. The entire band was brilliant. His performance was breathtaking, and watching Bowie perform seeing him in his own euphoric state made you understand that he was totally into what he does. The passion that he has for performing was pouring out of every fibre of his being. I had seen many other concerts on video of Bowie previous to this tour and you can just see and feel that he has hit the mark where he's just loving every moment of this tour.

The show set was very different from the first time we saw him in Milan. It was even more alive this time around. He was full of wit, constantly joking with the audience, just having a blast on stage. The highlights for me was hearing 'The Loneliest Guy' live. Just beautiful. Another was hearing 'Station To Station'. You were just drawn into this number and brought into The Thin White Duke persona and loving every moment of it. The one song that just joins everyone in the entire stadium was "Heroes". No matter what country you're in, there's something magical that happens when those first few chords start to resonate and everyone becomes one. I took a look around and just seeing how this song moves people was just absolutely beautiful. Bowie just kept on going, pouring more and more into each and every song that was played. He had ended the show with "Heroes" and came back on stage for a two song encore of 'Suffragette City' and 'Ziggy Stardust'. The night ended and Bowie had again blown us away.


Report: Ontario
From: Adam Viner

=) I attended my second Reality Tour concert in London Ontario (Drove from Detroit) and it was awesome again.

The band seemed a little worn from the bus drive from hershey PA, but they still rocked.

David is such a great artist, and played a different set, than the concert I saw in Detroit.

I feel lucky to have enjoyed the retrospective of his work and realize from the cross section of ages in the audience that he is still a classic artist with timeless appeal. I hope all of the Bowie fans out there get to see the genius and enjoy the spirit of the Reality Tour.

It's the best high you'll ever have, and cheaper than the therapists couch! David you rock, you are a classic, and we love you!


Report: Portland
From: Stephanie

I know I have only seen 2 shows but this was the best of the 2.... STS was amazing, The Supermen was great, Sister Midnight was phenomenal and Hallo Spaceboy was hot!!!!

David was very chatty and in great humour... doing a small impersonation of Lexi commenting on the song Fame... he was very energetic and looked great... the crowd was pumped... yes there were a lot of baby boomers looking to hear the hits but everyone was also eager to hear whatever Bowie wanted to play....

I was talking to a very nice security guard that helped me throughout the show by letting me take pictures and helping me to work my way to 2nd row by the end of the show :D as usual my day was very busy and very long but everything went smoothly this time 8).

(A Reality World Tour: North American Leg)