USA, IL, Moline
The Mark of the Quad Cities

(Saturday 22nd May 2004)

Report: What an incredible show!
From: Oldschoolqc

I just saw David Bowie for the first time tonight in Moline, Illinois.

Totally blown away by him and his band. I went to the show because I wanted to see "the legend."

I have more than a dozen of his cds, but I have always considered his music to be on the softer side of my taste. To my surprise, the show flat out ROCKED. I never expected that the sound of his live show would be so strongly guitar driven.

I've seen somewhere around a thousand concerts, and this was one of the best - certainly one of the best I've seen in the last ten years.

Every song seemed more intense than ever with this band. I'm pleased to learn that there will be a DVD from this tour. I only wish that I would have gotten tickets to a couple more shows.


Report: 2nd Row - Center Stage - Moline, IL
From: Zigalicious

Well... where do I start? I'd better let you know now that this may be the most ridiculous Bowie review you'll ever read.

My ears are still ringing.

My throat is sore.

My neck is stiff from two hours of thrashing.

Hmmmmmmm maybe I should stop there?

I decided before I left that I wasn't going to take a pen and paper and write down the set list. I just didn't want the distraction of fumbling with a pen etc., so sorry I don't have a set list available.

where should I start?

Not long after I was seated I started looking at who was filing in their prospective seats.... I began hearing "Bnet", saw people getting up and hugging, waving etc. I met a few of them: the famous bunny, the chick that helped me get my tix and a few others. The only one I didn't formally meet was Squeaky and that's because I was too damned shy to go up and say "hi" as I found her far more smashing in person than her avvy reveals. I also met the chick that DB stopped the show for in Col. and signed the playbill of The Elephant man... that was pretty cool. the couple next to me had just gotten engaged.... like HOURS before the show.

I saw a LOT of young fans punked out, smoking ciggies, acting cool and teenagerish.... I was impressed that Bowie could still lure such a following.

Well the Stereophonics didn't do it for me. I don't like hacking bands 'cause God knows they've got far more talent than me, but I guess it's safe to say they weren't my cup of tea. the lead singer did have the rock star image down nicely, and oh...they wasted my f*cking eardrums. Jesus, Son of Mary, were they loud...about ten times more than Bowie.

So how was Bowie?

I'm not going to use any words that haven't been used before... they all still apply. Great, terrific, fab, awesome, unforgettable etc, etc. they all work. Rebel, Rebel introduced the band to the crowd and from the moment db stepped onto the stage until he left, he dominated it.

(Here's where my review gets.... errrrr.... unusual.)

I went into that arena sober... not a sip of booze, but I was sooooooo intoxicated by db and his music. I was a screaming, dancing, yelling, hand waving, head thrashing fool for two hours straight. I have never been so swept up in a concert in my life... amazing.

I saw 45 year olds transform into 15 year olds right before my eyes. You could see the joy in their eyes when db was on stage... esp. when he fired up an oldie. It was like 1973, 75, 78, 81... whatever for them all over again.

For me the highlights were actually the Reality songs, as I have been listening to that cd a lot lately. The songs were so much better tonight... they reached a whole other depth for me. "Looking For Water" was a masterpiece... just beautifully done.... but time stood still when he became the "loneliest guy".

While singing "The Loneliest Guy" db slowly took off his jacket, clinging to the microphone, gripping his jacket like he was afraid to take it off... the audience was transfixed as he walked away from his mic and turned back to it, hesitated and walked further away at the end of the song.

Shortly after "Sunday" db was on the catwalk, maybe 8 feet from me... he was singing and he looked down at me and for a brief moment his eyes caught mine and he smiled... then he was gone; turning to the rest of the crowd... what a magical moment.

Call it energy, vibes, gnosticism, whatever you want; he had it and the crowd fed off of it for two hours... the fastest two hours of my life. He had so much energy, he was funny, clever and charming. Seems his voice was a bit strained though, but after 93 shows who's wouldn't?

At one point he said "Have you ever heard of an album I did called Low?" The crowd cheered. Then he said "What would I do if you'd said 'no'?" Everyone laughed and they kicked in 'A New Career In A New Town' then 'Be My Wife'.

Another great moment was when he said. "Moline! Sounds like a Chuck Berry song... are you a Chuck Berry song? Maybe in here right?" (patting his hand over his heart).

Ashes To Ashes was another super performance..... but is that a surprise?

A few other highlights for me were Sister Midnight, Pablo Picasso and I'm Afraid of Americans. I think the nicest surprise was Reality as I'm not a big fan of that song.... but live it was a real barn burner... absolutely red hot.

The encore was disappointing... only three... or so I thought... someone later said two. I'm not sure I was so out of my head... but no more than three for sure. Maybe db's voice was tired and they wanted to call it a night?

After the show I went to the buses and was amazed at the number of people looking to see db... mostly young and smoking. We missed him. Somehow he jumped on the bus without being seen and was whisked away.... we waved at the smokey windows anyway.

As I drove home I listened to my ears ring and watched dark landmarks pass by I thought about the show. I thought about db and his passion for music at age 57. I played back in my mind parts of the show and how it seemed db believed every word he sung to us... that we could be Heroes... that he was afraid of Americans... that nothing has changed and everything has changed.

I cannot say that I walked away with anything profound, but yet..... in some way I did.

It was a moment in time that I'll always cherish; very brief but very sweet. I purposely tried to soak up every nuance because I knew that I'd never experience it again. Eight feet from db.... catching his eye..... and being so utterly absorbed in music I literally forgot where I was.

That was my experience....I truly wish all of you could have been there with me.

If you've made it this far - thanks for listening.

over and out - z.


Report: Moline
From: werlucky

I also what to thank you for the very nice review. My wife and I must been in front of you a little over (Sec C Row 1 Seats 9 and 10). We just got lucky somehow through ticketmaster! The guy next to me was handed a guitar pick from Mr. Bowie - He put something on the stage for him - maybe shoelaces - I was going to ask him but completely forgot after the first song. We have been to about 4 Bowie concerts-but usually way back. I actually brought my binoculars out of habit. It is just amazing to watch him interact with the whole crowd-even the nosebleed seats-amazing to read Earls tattoos-amazing seeing Mr. Bowie's eyes sparkle.

At 50 years old my back got somewhat tired after standing over two hours but well worth the little pain. The only thing I do miss being in the front row is being able to watch the crowd and the full effects of the show itself that a little distance gives you. But believe me, there is nothing like being up and personal. I was hoping for Station to Station but hearing Be My Wife and A New Career helped ease my sorrow. Very good show, very nice venue, very Nice Crowd - can't ask for much more than that.

My hope is that one day a Fan Video of this concert pops up. I am also trying to get the Moline audio that is around.


Report: Moline
From: Paula

Caught the Moline show last night. It was AWESOME. David is truly still a star after all these years and a legend now as well. His band rocks (love you, Gail Ann!).


Report: Moline
From: Melissa

Heh... this is the best review! I was there as well, and it was an amazing concert. you are right, it was the fastest 2 hours of my life. I'm trying to write about it for my livejournal, and still can't seem to come up with the right words to express what emotions I felt that night.

It was my first ever concert of his. I've been a fan for 20 of my 24 years on earth and I will go to several more concerts, providing he still does them!

Anyway, I'm rambling, and that's never good. Wish I'd thought about it sooner, and had met some of you at the show. I, too, was outside after at the buses... I was with a gut in glasses, and an older woman (my mom) in a wheelchair... we were doing trivia whilst waiting to catch a glimpse of Bowie.

(A Reality World Tour: North American Leg)