USA, OH, Columbus
Veterans Memorial Auditorium

(Monday 24th May 2004)

Report: Columbus Review
From: Nick

First of all... STATION TO STATION was perhaps one of the greatest things I have ever heard live!

AMAZING!!! OK... I had my 2 sons with me for the show. My 9 year old, Joel, kept screaming BOWIE throughout STEREOPHONICS entire set. He was just so excited for BOWIE that he couldn't help himself. I had both their faces painted up like the cover of ALADDIN. They were gettin' looks all evening. A lot of girls were flirtin' with them. My youngest, less shy than his older bro, was flirtin' back. I have NO idea where he gets it. My boys told me after the show that it was a night neither will ever forget! I won't either!!! Awesome show....


Report: Columbus
From: Zachery Allan Starkey

The Columbus Show was just fantastic, amazing! The set list was perfect, it was a fans show.

Even up in the balcony, Bowie looked and sounded great.

I don't know about the rest of you, but the audience in the balcony sucked. All they did was sit on their fat yuppie asses the whole show. I was in the front right section of the balcony, and I was the only one standing up dancing. People yelled at me the entire show, and during "The Loneliest Guy" someone called me a fag.

Still, I rocked out, and few songs later, Bowie pointed up at me and said, "There's a funny looking guy up there!" In reference to my hair, which is white and teased up really huge, Robert Smith style. I wouldn't think he was pointing at me, but a bunch of people on the floor said he was (apparently they could see me as I was the only person in my section of the balcony standing).

It was one of the best shows I have ever seen.


Report: Columbus
From: Lisa

I was fortunate to be at this concert and it was phenomenal!


Report: Columbus
From: DBDigital

This show was awesome. Station, Superman, Modern Love, etc..... A wonderful version of "Heroes" - A great night.

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