USA, NJ, Holmdel
PNC Bank Arts Center

(Saturday 5th June 2004)

Report: Holmdel, NJ show
From: Donovan

Outstanding show tonight he really mixed it up, did 1/2 or so of his 'first single released exactly 40 years ago on June 10, 1964' "Liza Jane" by David Jones. Did verse and chorus and then cut it saying "Thank goodness I won't have to do that one again for another 40 years."

He cut "The Man Who Sold The World" after the 2nd verse to berate an asshole security guy who was hassling people right in front of the stage, it was great! He demanded another security guard down there, which he got, then went back into the song!

"The Supermen" made an appearance which was groovy, however no "Quicksand", in fact no Hunky Dory at all.

"Hang Onto Yourself" was played during the Encore along with "Reality" and "Suffragette", "White Light", "Ziggy", (not in order).

I LOVE "Slip Away" and don't care what anybody says God damn it, it literally had me in tears which was pretty embarrassing I don't know what it is about that fucking song but I dig it more each time I hear it. Well for his last North American gig it was fucking nice, you European cats is in for a treat!


Report: Holmdel
From: Zola

Yes, I was there, too, and I have to say, DB gets better every time I see him!

My favs were Under Pressure with Gail Ann sounding phenomenal in the Freddie Mercury part, Slip Away (yes, I got choked up, too, it's such a nostalgic song!), and Station to Station - sooooo glad I got to hear that one live! There wasn't a boring moment.

What was the deal with the security guard?? I heard DB say, "there's only one show here tonight, and that's going on up here. You are going to have to stop being so loud. Can we get another security guard up here?" but I didn't really get it... what was the guard doing? I thought Bowie meant the guy was singing or something.

Have a great night... sweet dreams of a perfect concert!


Report: Sailor slips away from the US... PNC Review
From: raggedandnaive

So I'm driving to PNC yesterday, listening to DB of course, (ah the IRONY of listening to 'Looking for Water' driving through a MONSOON!) and the 'Cygnet Committee' line strikes me... "And the road is coming to it's end..." Indeed, for those of us here stateside, it is at its end this morning and I know that there's no shortage of melancholia here as that Reality sinks in.

But OH, what a way to go out! My fourth of four, this show was by far the emotional powerhouse, I suspect because DB is actually pretty fond of us Americans, regardless of his fears :)

I went to this one by myself, having exhausted the willing friends and husband on the previous three and I have to say that it was a liberating experience. DB fans are the absolute friendliest people to chat with! (with the exception of those strange creatures that think a concert is for sitting...!) I thank each of you I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with (especially Steve and Eddy, the Elvis fan and Michael) as it only added to the wonder of the experience for me.

I won't repeat the setlist as it's been posted elsewhere. But there were a couple of songs that were especially amazing and outstanding for me. I have to say that since the day that I opened Reality that I have had this deep crushing desire to hear 'Never Get Old' in concert. Watching the setlists, it seemed that it was a rarity (especially here in the States) but played often enough that I might get it. Not until last night and let me tell you I was in full body shivers for the whole thing. Truly, he will never really get old for any of us (even if he ever DOES show his age!) because of the incredible musical legacy that he has created. Even my children's children's children will know him (I'll see to that!) :)

The funny moment came when DB put this jerk security guard out of the show. He really was being overbearing - I could see it from the loge level! Just hassling people right in front of DB. Yet again in my experience a song was cut off in the middle (add to Quicksand in Philly and Supermen in Hershey) when he berates the guy in front of everyone! Yay for quiet and forceful decorum "could we get another security guard out here?" Nicely done!

Great visuals as through the evening he donned two different hats - a great black hat thrown from the audience and a sailor's cap. Oh Sailor. You just brought tears to my eyes then.

So it was a night of teasing as usual as Sterling opens 'All The Young Dudes' with a drum riff that sounds suspiciously like 'Young Americans' and gets us all riled up. It's ok. I'm a patient gal... I can wait for that one :)

I have to say that Supermen improves with every hearing. I liked the song before but it really took on a majesty and power last night that was surprising. And as I listened to Reality on my way home it occurred to me the gift that he's given us in attaching a visual performance to 'The Loneliest Guy.' I think it was almost out of reach, at least for me, before seeing it concert. Admitted sheepishly I would usually fast forward through it. Now I find myself repeating it!

And having walked in knowing it was the 40th anniversary of the release of 'Liza Jane' I told the guy sitting next to me that I suspected we'd be the only audience treated to a bit of it and indeed we were! And it really did make everyone laugh, including DB, to think of the musical odyssey that he's taken since those very simple lyrics... what a journey indeed! (Liza - Outside - Liza - Reality - Good grief!) :)

I missed the transition into Sunday this time. It was just so flawless and beautiful but seeing 'Slip Away' made it worth it. I know I wasn't exactly a huge fan of the Polyphonic Spree after Philly but they really did add something to 'Slip Away' that made it all the more wonderful. It was really great for me to get to SEE Oogie and Uncle Floyd on the big screen - it puts even more emotion into a song that already tugged at my heart when I heard it. And the 'follow the bouncing Oogie-head' lyrics of the chorus gave me all the validation I needed to sing along and it was nice to see the crowd so obviously transported. :)

At the end of it, the whole Spree group hugged DB center stage and it was just one big happy lovefest on the stage. Really got me smiling. But the best part was when the rest of them are leaving and one Spree-er, let's call her 'Yellow', does what every one of us in the audience wants to do - turns round, runs back to center stage and just absolutely mauls DB with the most enthusiastic hug!!!! You go girl... and DB... ...consider yourself equally hugged by all of us! :)

End of the encore gave us 'Diamond Dogs' INCLUDING the "bow wow, woof woof" lyrics (tee hee) and 'Suffragette City' where WE were responsible for the 'Wham bam' line and we certainly did!

But at the end, when that first chord of 'Ziggy' came hurtling from the stage to hit me, I was just done in. Oh God, I thought, this is really it. And I just cried, more. And at the end, when the music pauses and we're all standing there waiting and moving together and smiling and crying he actually leaves the stage! The best comparison I can think of to this is that orgasm that is so intense and building and incredible that you know that it's going to be fantastic when it comes but it feels so good in the meantime that you almost don't want it to end but you've just got to... and then he comes around from the other side of the stage and sings those last lines... "Ziggy played, guitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr!" and I was gone. I could only open my eyes after everyone else had left the stage and DB says "You've really been a great audience tonight" and thanks us and then leaves.

Dear friends in Europe, I wish you all the best setlists possible, the meeting and loving of fellow fans, the most intense musical moments of your life and the most wonderful concerts you've ever seen, but please do take care of him and send him back here as soon as you can.

And Sailor... Thank you. You'll never know how much you've changed my life. But I know it matters to you that you have. Take care, and don't forget to keep your head warm my friend. :)

"All I have is my love of love, and love is not loving..."

(A Reality World Tour: North American Leg)