Holland, Amsterdam

(Friday 11th June 2004)

Report: Amsterdam
From: BowieWalker

Just got back from the gig on the 11th.

Thought the highlights of the show were Station to Station and Quicksand. Also it was great to hear Panic in Detroit and Sister Midnight.

Playing Diamond Dogs as part of the encore was a great idea although I wondered what was happening when White light was aborted and Dave announced that he was going to play a new song!

The sound in the venue was ok where I was standing but felt that The Loneliest Guy got lost in the vastness of the venue. Still bothers me that people talk through this great song.

All in all a great night, it just seemed to slip by.

Roll on T in the Park!


Report: Amsterdam Arena
From: Gothlovingthealien

It is Friday morning 11th June and Tonight's the night.

Presuming David will stay at the Amstel Hotel like he did last time, I decide to take a D tour to work this early in the morning.It is only 5 minutes by bicycle to get there.

Round the hotel it is early morning quiet. Just a few painters working on the outside of the building. What did I expect? Screaming teenage girls?

For a moment I have this urge to ask one of the painters to go home today so I can take over his job. (If I was only that cheeky:-))

The hours at my work are spend with counting down them down, its Friday so not a lot going on here any how.

On my way back home, I take the same D tour again. What if he would come down that magnificent stairway, while I pass it?

I am sure I wouldn't know what to say anyway, I am sure I would freeze instantly. But no worries. Again it is very very quiet, even the painters stopped working for the day, and it is only 15.00.

After having some snacks at home we leave at 5.45. I am not really interested in the 2 support acts, never heard of the Leah Wood band till recently and I never had much with Anouk. We arrived at 18.10 and that was already too late to have entrance to the pit. I didn't know this was gone be the case, If I'd only had known, I would have left earlier. I feel in second position now, but one of the best positions in the second line though.

Now the waiting begins, This Leah Wood band already disappeared after a few songs, not leaving any impression. At 7.30 Anouk hits the stage and as I said before I have nothing going on with her. But I have to admit, at least she can sing and in no time she got the place rocking.

As mentioned by others the sound in this venue is as bad as the grass:-))) (It is a stadium after all and had its 17th new layer of grass already in a couple of years time) There is an awful echo, which could probably be gone if they would just open the movable roof. But nobody takes any action:-(((

After an hour Anouk left the stage and the waiting starts to become hardly bearable, knowing that he is going to be there within half an hour.

And yes even within half an hour, the pictures appear on the screen. Than the band walks on stage, from the side where we are standing. So David is there, behind that curtain...... so close. And then he steps forward, wearing this fantastic green fantasy jacket. My heart skips a beat, wow there he is, I can't describe the feeling that comes over me. And the best thing is that my boyfriend who is always a bit cynical about him (Jealousy?) had exactly the same feeling. What is it that this man has?

Although the set list doesn't differ a lot, the are some great changes like he is playing Quicksand now, and Panic and Station to Station. If he would only sing Sweet thing for me:-))) But that will always remain something to wish for, and things you wish for are as nice as having them.

Compared to the October gig, I find the crowd more responsive this time, although I am still shocked by the commonness of most of them. Where are the Glam rockers, they all look so boringly the same and most of them would fit in perfectly in a Andre Hazes gig:-(.

I loved the show, but why do people continue talking when David sings one of his beautiful ballads? Stay at home and watch video if you can't pay attention.

But David makes it all all right. It will probably take a long time before seeing him again, if ever... But I loved every minute of it. Thank you dear David, thank you very much.

I am still not back on earth.


Report: Amsterdam
From: Maria

I've seen David Live in Amsterdam last Friday and it was awesome!

He was looking great, and I really had a great time.

I also saw him in 97 during the Glass Spider Tour. Although he is getting older, his music and performance keep getting better and better. I hope he will continue making lots of albums for us the fans!;)


Report: Arena show in Amsterdam
From: Pat (Holland, Sint - Oedenrode)

Let me begin with saying that the sound sometimes was really bad due to the location, which is known for it's bad sound but anyway the show was great.

It started off with our national rock chick Anouk who did a good show and got many response from the crowd.

It has been my third Reality show and again David and his band succeeded in making all of us very happy.

The crowd went wild and David loved it, making jokes during the entire show.

Some highlights were: Under Pressure (after which Gail Ann got a smashing ovation).

Station To Station was superb, I don't believe anyone was prepared for this song, it blew off the roof of the Arena.

And again yes, Spaceboy, "Heroes", Quicksand (for the first time here I believe), Afraid of Americans, "accept these guys behind me".

David told us we were pretty people as he had just got back from the States and well......

Also he asked everyone in the crowd for our names which was really funny, also a "conversation" he had with some guy in the back of the crowd.

"A little Ziggy teaser he called Hang On To Yourself", which really rocked the crowd.

For two hours Bowie got the crowd wild, some songs were killed by the location (Loneliest Guy, Quicksand, really bad sound).

This, I think, is really a shame for those who were there the first time.

David ended the show with Ziggy Stardust, leaving the stage just before it's vocal ending, but just on time turned back and gave an unbelievable "and Ziggy played guitaaaaarr!!"

In a newspaper the day before David mentioned that after this tour he would go home, raising his daughter and that this tour probably would be his last great tour. I'm glad I saw this 3 times and I thank David for these wonderful shows and wish him all the best.

Still, he's welcome again in Holland, that's for sure.

(A Reality World Tour: European Summer Leg)