Czech Republic, Prague
T-Mobile Arena

(Wednesday 23rd June 2004)

Report: Prague
From: jamesd

Bowie is truly amazing, 1/2 a show but still awesome... heroes just for one day

Sad to say that Bowie had to finally succumb to the pain of a trapped nerve in his shoulder, which was sending excruciating pain over to his chest.

Everyone could see the pain he was in, but he tried his best to complete the show and the anguish was so visible on his face when he finally had to concede defeat, but as far as I'm concerned I got my monies worth....

A small problem at the start with the introduction, and a very basic stage setout, no side platforms or hanging branches... Mike Garson took his place and Bowie walks on to the introduction to Life on Mars, no signs at this stage of the agony David was in, a fantastic rendition.... and then the following setlist...

01. Life on Mars
02. Rebel Rebel
03. Fame
04. N.K.S.
05. Battle for Britain (The Letter)
06. All The Young Dudes
07. The Motel
08. Reality... (Bowie is obviously in pain and is struggling, but he carries on, despite the pain) ...Bowie has to leave stage, band are instructed to play the next two songs.
09. A New Career in a New Town
10. Be My Wife (vocals by CAT RUSSELL, she made a wonderful job of this, the band filled in brilliantly)

Bowie returns to the stage and being the gentleman he is apologises for the situation... and explains the situation with his back and chest pains, the crowds response is amazing and fully understand... Bowie continues the show....

11. China Girl... Bowie still in great pain but does a great job
12. Station to Station... Bowie starts but as to leave stage, the band leave as well, a ten minutes interval is called, the crowd again are very patient.
13. Station to Station... (Bowie still very distressed with the pain but carries on and its worth the ticket price alone)
14. Modern Love
15. The Man Who Sold The World

At this point Bowie has to leave the stage and apologises that he can't continue, the crowd give him a rousing ovation and its announced that the show has to end and wait further new on the website...

No one person in the crowd complained, not as if I would know, I couldn't understand a bloody word they said, but actions speak louder than words... Bowie has never let us down and he didn't tonight, he tried his absolute best to finish the concert and I ain't disappointed I got my monies worth, that's why he is the legend he is and I loved every minute... cheers David you made my visit to Prague great... you're the man, that's why we follow you... love on ya jamesd..

(A Reality World Tour: European Summer Leg)