yo! i'm TheEarWig. i hear everything and i know everything. period. end of story.

me live in london, me aged twenty-summthin. 22 add another 11.

all da rumours, da hearsay, eavesdropping on mobile telephone calls you name it I get it. gossip you want gossip? i got friends in high places y'know what i mean like? like 11th floor high places.

i sit here reading, listening 'n watching, earwiggin, hence the handle. so be careful what you say and do. walls have ears. yeah? i never liked their sausages anyway.

i do the net, i do the street, i do me eyebrows, and i even got me pager. so me tooled up ok? you all scared and worried now? good. let's go.

me saw that zoetrope magazine the other day. the one that rock god drew in. zoetrope. what's a zoetrope? me thought it was a u2 thing, them gonna do another world tour or something. anyway after I sussed it i realised it was frankie coppola's magazine, i noticed that the front cover logo had been altered. david you coloured inside the Os in blue and brown to match your mince pies. phat.

i accidentally watched the velvet goldmine film the other day on video. goes to the top of the list for video crimes. on the 2nd glimpsing of this film, yeah i did watch it twice it seems even more of a shilly shambles than 1st time round. how the hell you are expected to believe that soothsay london is actually new york (christian bale's running scene) aerosol.

me no like this glam sham film much. izzard is the best thing in it, placebo's 20th century boy song grabs your attenshion for 3 mins, its kind of funny in places but for the wrong reasons. the script is 80s based and well wide of the marker. maybe they should have used older researchers to actual understand what the 70s was about, but p'haps, just p'haps, if you're younger and you want a completely misjudged view of what ziggy was all about in the 70s you might enjoy it. well that's what me dad tells me anyway!

i'm hitting the sack, got me an interview tomorrow, so its up to stairs to bedfordshire.


31 jan 01.

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