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5th January 1974

   This week I'm going to carry on and try to tell you a little more about my own interests. I've already told you that I enjoy anything to do with films and filming, so I think I'll change the subject and tell you something about my interest in cars. I really do love cars, especially if they are old and classic ones. They have so much beauty, especially when you notice how well they have been designed, shaped and finished. At one time I began trying to get hold of some to build up a collection of my own, but at the moment I just own one - and old American Chrysler.

   As for my leisure time, I'm always being asked if I enjoy going to the theatre or shows. Naturally I go if there is something on that I particularly want to see but my main problem, as usual, is time. It is often the case that I have been recording or something all day, late into the night - or Angie has been modelling and is really tired - so we don't find that we get to go to theatres and concerts as often as we would like.

   I particularly love any sort of ethnic theatre. I don't think I have the space here to try to explain to you what 'ethnic' means if you don't already know, so perhaps you would like to make it a project to look the word up for yourself.

   For quite a long time I've had a great love of mime, in fact at one time I used to have my own mime troupe called Feathers and, as you probably know, I often used to incorporate little pieces of mime into my stage act.

   And now I think I'll mention a couple of artistes for whom I have a high regard. Mick Jagger has long been a favourite of mine. He's such a great performer - the energy and skill that goes into a Jagger performance with the Rolling Stones is tremendous!

   I expect most of you would be too young to remember anything about Edith Piaf. She was a great French entertainer who could really bring a song to life in an amazing way. Sadly she died a few years ago. There are still quite a large amount of Piaf recordings available, so I hope you will have a listen to her if ever you get the chance. That's all for now.

12th January 1974

   I'm going to start off this week by telling you how much I'm missing Angie. She's always so good in helping me choose the right shirt for the right occasion, and the proper vegetables to serve little Master Zowie Bowie, who also misses his dear old mum.

   Daniella is always around, of course, and Freddie and Ava do take very good care of both Zowie and his dad, but Angie has such a strong presence and is so organised in running the Bowie household that we do all fall apart a bit when she's away.

   As I told you last week, Angie has been in America with her agent meeting various directors and producers, auditioning for films and television shows.

   During her visit to Los Angeles with Tony Zee and Cherry she made an appearance as a guest on the 'Tonight' show, and from what I've heard she really looked fantastic, and got Johnnie Carson the host, a little shook up with her personality.

   Tony DeFries sent me a video cassette tape of the show so that I could view it on my portable video recorder, but it seems that the cycle difference between the American and English systems caused a little problem in the playback - but tomorrow I shall have an adapter and I will be able to see at least an electronic reproduction of my lovely wife.

   Since I started working on my new musical, 'Ziggy Stardust', I've been spending most of my evenings at home writing and imagining scenes, sets, lights and characters - but in order to relax once in a while and to catch up on the gossip I've been inviting friends over for a spot of tea and company.

   Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood have been frequent visitors of late, and we usually sit around listening to music until the wee small hours, turning each other on to our favourite sounds.

   I'm about to embark on a new project with favourite group The Astronettes. You'll be hearing more about them in the coming weeks.

   Oh well, we sure are missing Angie but, of course, she now has a career of her own to follow and we expect her back with us really soon.

   See you next week!

19th January 1974

26th January 1974

Hello again,

   Well, when I sat down to write out something for you this week, I realised that Christmas had come and gone and I hadn't even mentioned a word of what the Bowie's had done in the way of seasonal celebrations. So, if it isn't too late I'll tell you about it now, as it was all good fun.

   Angie came back from America, and that was a present on its own. We were all so pleased so see her and besides which Daniella and I hadn't ordered the food for Christmas, so of course Angie took over in her own true style.

   On Christmas Day, Zowie woke up at about 5.30 in the morning and wanted to open his presents. He really got so excited and obviously wasn't going to go back to sleep again.

   Angie and I had bought a really special toy for him, which we had found in America. It's a child's electronic computer, and much to our delight he went crazy when he saw it and started to get it working immediately. Needless to say, his old Dad was pretty fascinated by it, so all in all the house was awake quite early.

   For Christmas dinner, we had invited Mick and Bianca Jagger and their little child Jade, and also Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood. Angie had prepared the most beautiful feast, which included roast goose and stuffings, oodles of brussel sprouts, vegetables of all seasons and Christmas pudding.

   Zowie and Jade were blossoming into a fine friendship, and got so excited later in the afternoon that they knocked the Christmas tree over completely, and broke almost all the decorations that Freddie and Daniella had put on it so carefully.

   It was now the accepted time for the Bowie household to give out their presents, and I think no matter what age you are, that is always quite thrilling. I gave Angie a whole selection of lingerie from Fredericks of Hollywood which she really loved, and in return I received a diamond earring that she had got from Cartier. It's absolutely stunning, and you'll all have to watch out for the first time I wear it.

   Not all of the presents were quite so expensive though. Angie and I gave Freddie a golden needle to celebrate all that amazing work he's done on my clothes.

   So, by the end of the day we were all pretty well exhausted. Zowie and Jade were fast asleep on some cushions, and I think everybody felt like joining them.

   As one last word, I'd just like to thank all of you who sent me your own little presents and cards. That really thrilled all of us, and this is the best opportunity I'll have to say thanks very much.

   I love you all!

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