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Faces And Names Bar, New York City - 18th June 2000


Penelope A Writing Implement Mz Red and Rednik Mom and Son Mam and our kid Brit Carl Boy
Carl, EoS, Rednik, RaMOANa and Scotte EoS, Scotte and Pen EoS, Scotte and Pen Rednik and RaMOANa BowieBabe, ? and ? db artwork
Smile! Drithius AMan I'm on the Guinness Carl be careful!!! Too late!
Redniks arse Red n Pen EoS: That Rednik bloke's a nutter! Sean move your finger here Penelope David E and Pen
Mz Red and Carl Phil and Julie Drith gets a Chinese burn ouch! Pen just before her head reached the ceiling Jezzok and Carl David and Italian appetizer
Drithius grins Mz Red and Scotte Pen and Jezzok Two Bowie Babes Profile of AMan Who's the ugly guy behind us?
Pen and her pigtails My Texan mom Me Texan mam Bowies Back DE, Alys and Lil Alys, Lil and Jezzok
Rednik n Scotte Red and Scotte OK smart arse gimme the camera back Red in red Eyes shut tight Eyes open!
Mrs Moosehead Rednik and Penelope Drith and Pearl Pen does Elton John A writing implement Rednik and Drith
Cherry Baby! Three P's Rednik and Spaceboy Jolly, Pen and Johnny Carl, Drith, Spaceboy Carl and Pearl
Drith wake up!

All photographs are copyright of Mz Red, Penelope and Rednik

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