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Bowie Fans Picnic, Central Park, New York City - 18th June 2000


Freecloud gives it some KelMar stirs it Electric Blue and Blam JoeStuff and Wanda SusanS T-Bone, KelMar's better half
SpaceFace and Joe KelMar and her invisible glass Where's the food? db fan silhouette db fan silhouette Rednik holds his wobbly head
Screendoll chats up Oi! Come closer! Groups of 3 EB does arty shot Better than a Constable landscape Electric Blue, Jo and EoS
Two complete twats Rednik and Screendoll The Mountain Freecloud Round the back Spaceboy arrives Pearl 'n' Caz
LaLaLinda Blam and Caz Simone and Helen2 Helen2, Evan and Samantha Dawn Ysengrin and Jan sneaking a bottle in
Evan, AMan, RaMOANa, Simone Picnic In The Park Sandra, Charly and Troll Eri, Anja and Sandra Alys, RaMoana, Putzi, Evan and DEmerson Picnic In The Park
Simone and Gilly Up the hill backwards

All photographs are copyright of Rednik, Electric Blue, Gilly and SpaceFace

RaMOANa's BNet Encounter - Central Park

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