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Another Place? Another Home? Another Girl?

by Dasha

Oh no, my boy, no way of losing
Forever young? Forever true? Forever love?
Oh no, my boy, you've got no right for choosing
You think you've got it all
But no, my boy,
You are too weak...
You guess you are too strange for love
But no, my boy,
We both are...
The life itself sounds very strange
You find a stair... and then fall on the floor...
Got life, got love, got stage
And now we've got no thing... no more
Like ghosts dance in the moonlight
We're spreading in the space
Like vampires dying in the sunlight
We're losing our faith.
Forever young/in love/in passion
Were these the words you said?
'Cause now it seems that we are crashing
Instead of going straight ahead...

Written by
30th December 2001.

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