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Andy Barding
  The Kit Kat Klub Review

Baz Dedhevan

  The Eyes of Defiance
  The Shining Of Opals
  A Fairy Flies In Front Of Me...
  Foreign Body (Five Days) Year 1931
  Surfing Through My Body
  Truth Is Faithless
  I Found Her All In Tears...
  Feel The Moment
  Devil's Paradise
  Empty Soul
  A Widow
  One Step From Love To Sorrow
  I Only Wish
  My Last Letter
  Non-Existing Dream
  To The 'Laby'
  How Far?..
  Black And White Maze
  Another Place? Another Home? Another Girl?
  All For A Friend
  A Spy

Grandfather Jones
  Boy Oh Boy!!!

  Diamond Dog

  The Trial Of Micky Leigh
  A Friend In Need

Karen Dawson (aka Spaceface)
  Bowie At The Beeb
  An Englishwoman In NY 2000
  Art, Autographs and ASTORIA!!!
  A David Bowie Weekend!

Karin Levin
  Stockholm Globen Review

Mark Elliott (aka Spud)
  You Were Always On My Mind
  I Asked For An Autograph
  The Famous Four Go To Paris

  The Fall
  Foreword: The Fall

Paul Kinder (aka Rednik)
  Birth Of A Bowie Fan

RaMOANa (aka Cora)
  Trout Fishing, Blue Peter and David Bowie

Russell Phillips
  Station 76
  The European Cannon (1974-1976)
  A Bill Gates Bowie Clone
  Real Or Plastic?
  The Clock That Tells No Time
  'Vince Taylor'
  Influence and Anger

Sandra Atkins (aka Spidey)
  TFI Friday and the BBC

Scott Winchester
  Twig Kid

Sharron Pettiford Gonzales
  Sentimental Valiums (or Cosmic Pharmacy)
  Wall Of Souls

Steph Lynch (aka Electric Blue)
  Later With Jools Journal
  Radio One Session Journal
  Bowie Weekend Journal

Stephen Lindsay Satterfield
  Untitled 9/30
  Just Drive
  Better Luck Next Time
  Sound And Time
  David Bowie
  SLS Haiku
  Haiku To Ziggy IV
  Haiku To Ziggy III
  Haiku To Ziggy II
  Haiku To Ziggy
  For A Friend

  The Cost Of Living
  Ripple Effect
  The Transplant
  The Hot Zone
  Crawfish Bones
  Greetings From The Nutbin!
  New Orleans Apartment
  Steam Cycle
  A Most Perverse Night
  The Substructure Of Storm

  Reverie - Chapter 1
Nevada Kerr
  Spoiled Brat
  Final Touch
  Shades Of Evening
  Bygone Days
  Under The Lash
  A Chosen Few
  In The Hush
  Thrown To The Wolves
  Out Of Nowhere
  Behind The Veil
  Asking For The Moon
  A Recreative Dalliance
  The Beautification Committee
  Easy Pickings
  Both Eyes Open
  Second To None
  Fat Chance
  The Nature Of Language
  As The Story Goes
  A Rival
  Lone Wolf
  When Opportunity Knocks
  Time Goes By
  The Ugly Truth
  With A Vengeance
  Lip Service
  Sublime Folly
  BÍte Noire
  Rainbow's End
  Medicine Show
  Now Or Never
  Uneasy Truce
  Face Off - Bowie Growing Old - Part 1
  Don't Say You're Sorry
  Cult Couple
  Old Scores
  Barred From Heaven
  Conquerors And Converts
  Good Fellow
  Second Childhood
  Toil And Trouble
  In The Dead Of Night
  Malice Aforethought
  On The Brink
  The Simulacrum
  Along Highway 180
  The Sleeping State
  Ghost Town
  Figuratively Speaking
  Left Behind
  At A Loss For Words
  Gold Digger
  Divine Afflatus
  In the Winter Countries
  Cloud Castles
  At Midnight (Alternative Mix - Version 2)
  At Midnight
  Dearest Foe
  A Lick And A Promise
  Glad Tidings
  Wife (The Lawful Consort Of Man)
  Dead End Street
  The Hope Of Evolution
  The Company Store
  Stupid To The Core
  The City That Care Forgot
  The Nature Of The Beast
  Weird Science
  The Liberal Vow
  Pulling Up Stakes
  Red Town Revels
  Pay No Mind
  The Lovesick Suitor
  A Tapeworm Inside
  Breathing Spell
  Demon Ink
  What Must Be
  Never To Return
  Green Light
  The Wedding Feast
  One By One
  Of Goats And Gods
  Once And For All
  Nebula Nine
  Sunlit Night
  The Lap Of Luxury
  Dark Ages
  Lover's Knot
  The Missing Link
  Fat City
  Bolt From The Blue
  Flight Of Fancy
  The Harlot Moon
  Gather The Harvest
  Gargoyle Grotesque
  The Genocide Markets
  For Want Of Something Better
  The Business Of Killing
  Theater Of The Absurd
  Hero Worship
  Call To Glory
  A Sacrament In Place Of The Blood
  The Witching Hour
  Road To Ruin
  Venery (The Biter's Bit)
  The Monk
  Leaving Earth
  Building A Nation
  The Contaminating Seed
  Animal Machines
  Code Orange
  Tangled Skin
  Kali Juggernaut
  The Court Of Eumenides
  In Plain Terms
  Prince Of Devils
  Comic Saluki George
  Tooth And Nail
  Miner Prophet
  Black Thursday
  Valley Low, Mountain High
  Baba Yaga
  End Of The Day
  Sub Rosa
  Face Of The Thing
  La Llorona
  The Vanity Fare
  World Without End
  Boggart McKracken
  New Jerusalem
  The Furies
  Murder, Rats, And A Cajun Slumlord
  The Sporting Life
  The Reckoning
  A Subtropical Wasteland
  It's Insane Here As Well
  Abortion - The Sacred Rite
  Inflatable Room
  Diamond Kate
  This Is Not Disneyland
  My Village
  At The Guadalupe Carwash
  Horrida Bella
  Molly Polymorphic
  The Banished
  The Siren's Brogue
  Rivers Beneath Rivers
  Cradle Song
  After The Mines Closed
  Tiny Dancer
  Sugar Skulls
  Hotel City
  The Crown of Seven Sorrows
  The Debutante
  Ever After
  Hog's Confection
  An Image Coach For Bubba
  Dead Dog Days Under Water
  Father In Christ
  Rock Bottom
  High Life Man
  The Spitting Image
  Despair's Apostle
  The Militia Hordes
  Ebbing Tide
  The Undead
  Bird Flower Dog
  Flesh Peddlers
  Plague Monsoon
  No Face
  The Same Team
  Soul Contraband
  Oshun (Honey Tongued Dancer)
  Foot Soldier
  Sea's Desire
  The Coldest Air
  Halo Boy's War Farm
  Nine Lives
  Trailer Park Eden
  Resurrection Hill
  Gorgon And Grace
  The Cutter's Smile
  The Giveaway
  Piety And Faith
  Host Mother
  From The Air
  Without Warning
  Eternal Bride
  The Changeling
  The Meat Mutation
  Death (Her Human Look)
  Blight Of Birth
  Dust And Sham
  The Clones
  The Cover Of Flesh
  Voice Of Thunder
  In The Shadows
  Final Retribution
  It's Time
  Where Nemesis Hovers
  The Egg Store
  No Golden Phantom
  The Furnace Of Our Love
  Super Man
  Selfless Wonders
  Pretty Face Of Poison
  Absolution Wax
  The Reality Show
  The Soul Lender
  Excess Life
  A Heaven Where Nobody Sings
  Cruel Radiance
  The Pit Of Laws
  Promised God A Star
  The Fires Holy
  The Realms

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