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Gargoyle Grotesque

by Nevada Kerr

Bona fide, undisguised, cadaverous, adored
Hideous affections depravity assures
Self-propelled evil star, thunderbolts hurled afar
Menace without hesitation pure and noble sovereign nations

Trendy clairvoyant, foreseeable sex crime
Deodorized variety, asymmetry divine
Lunatic celebrity, melancholy faun
Woebegone deformities disarm the misinformed

Wily fox in the ballot box addicted to control
Autografted autocrat falsifying polls
Hated son of a simpleton inscrutable and mum
Necromantic charismatic bangs a muffled drum

The precocious child prodigy gene hackers redesign
Lilith lily liminal barely within bounds
Paris Hilton replicas live beyond their prime
Airy, nimble, mythical, heathen gods abound

Written by © Nevada Kerr
July 23, 2004.

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