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by Nevada Kerr

I call upon a nameless beast
Shunned but lurking still
In the portents of the shaman priest
Chanting on the hill

A malignity festering
In an outer unseen realm
A hideous, unnatural thing
Bending course and helm

Though forbidden I recall
Your glamour in my dreams
Rappings and whisperings
And a diabolic gleam

I half-remember in the mist
A wretched howling wind
Tentacles that snatch and twist
A mad bewildered grin

A palsied mumbler in a panic
Plaintive in the din
Iridescent, talismanic
Cadaverous and thin

What progenitor of cryptic lore
Spawned this lowly brute
Lonely, dumb, and creeping
And slowly taking root

Written by © Raven Drake
November 19, 2005.

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