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Piety And Faith
by Nevada Kerr

I found your skin a border to penetrate with ease
An opening that closes when it finds the right disease
I made your heart a needled hole my dread could tease
An easy mark for bloodsucked hosts who live to please

I give up each virtue and each vice as I wave this flag
The Psalm I bought for dollars, this God in Christmas drag
With every probe I understand surveillance ensures a crowd
A lover to watch me sleep at night beneath a noxious shroud

Piety explodes like a malcontent, a pipe dream of your kind
Crossing insurgent desert squealers and jolting giants blind
Faith drives to the frontiers of retribution in a sanctioned tank
Prepared to crush it's refugees by blowing up food banks

I forfeit each pledge of allegiance American or foreign
Godliness meant to torment I now lease at a bargain
I watch the coveted dead and whisper secret longings
My soul an overnight bag vaunting lost belongings

There are no inescapable urges within your dutiful grasp
Each step toward your minefield was never meant to last
I never thought your laws could ravage the sky above
Deserter of my blown-up hope, you used up all my love

Written by Nevada Kerr
24th October 2001.

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