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Boggart McKracken
by Nevada Kerr

In a body I broke maids
Chasing brats in braids
Melting into anyone
Whose shadow never strayed
What I left behind
Was a poor and single mind
Tethered to the cleanest flesh
Motley in a bind

Necrosis is my name
A stump of straggling shame
Boggart in a fancy suit
Hiding in the shade
Adrift in forms and vapours
Sticking to your morning papers

A microscopic recollection
A grand and swinging whore
The spayed who walks your floor
The Ghost of Furthermore
Glowing brightly at your door

I remove the sutures
Driblets for the future
A sliver, a clipping
Without mortal features
Anatomized and atomized
I stalk the earthly creatures
Down loose and baggy pants
Crawl my disembodied hands

Written by © Nevada Kerr
May 5th, 2003.

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