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A Most Perverse Night
by Sterling

I didn't get home till after midnight Saturday. I went to a singles dance at the local Holiday Inn.

Earlier in the day I found a Tootsie-like, red dress at the GoodWill. A placard in front of the Holiday Inn announcing "Ladies get in free before ten" sealed the deal.

The conference hall was sparsely populated when I arrived, so I talked to some other "ladies". By ten the lights had thankfully dimmed and there were some geriatric couples dancing to Donna Summers. Polyester- slick sharks began stepping out of their formaldahyde long enough to say, "Ladies may I buy you a drink?"

I ordered a Shirley Temple to match the wallpaper. Clutching my purse just below where my breasts would have been, I tried to look decent, yet knowing. I was the middle-aged star of an Indie film.

Sex as parody, decline, desperation. I was loving it. Someday maybe I'll have to return for Part Two.

Written by Sterling
4th November 2001.

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