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Prince Of Devils
by Nevada Kerr

Angel pariah, heretical duke
Cloven-hoofed dickens, lascivious spook
Prestigious scamp, pandemic Scratch
Gehenna vermin, balefully hatched
Reveal the door between worlds
Break open the latch

Sacrament blasphemer, laughably obscene
Stygian flagellant lashing the lean
Tartar emetic, aerial bane
Promising initiates unceasing pain
Show your face old Harry
Come out of the rain

Handy brat dapperling, mephitic gin
Succubus Abaddon, Belial's kin
Kobold demiurge, fidgety skit
Larrikin guttersnipe, cantankerous twit
Go back to your breeding place
Return to the pit

Written by © Nevada Kerr
October 11, 2003.

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