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End Of The Day
by Nevada Kerr

Tartarean trollop, Daughter of Joy
Maenad madam, enchantress coy
You turn my head
Like a rotating toy

I hope against hope
To be your hobbyhorse boy
In some house of ill fame
Debauched and destroyed
A deluded decoy
In your sorcery ploy

Midden grisette, bone maiden mare
Caliban Kali Ma, ludicrous fear
I cling to your grim face
Like a flame to the air

Vixen bogey, Lorelei lure
Malkin maudlin, Magdalen hoar
Morphia mixen, you're the wraith I adore

Gathering frost, end of all flesh
Screech owl Lilith, breath of my breath
Lamenting lover, I come at your behest
At the end of the day
Promise me death

Written by © Nevada Kerr
July 16, 2003.

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