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by Nevada Kerr

A creeper climbs, encircling trees
Stubs align, remoras cleave
A stem recoils, a shoot recedes
Proud thorns score silken leaves

The coiling vine evolves a spine
A horny tendril misreading minds
Brambles bristle, incisors grind
No rime bites its thickening rind

Greedy twister enthralls a new breed
Sinuous reeds smear the bloom with seed
An arbor spins, a spindle bleeds
Bone elastic sprawls the superweed

Lush plumes repine, antennas beshine
The unburied bush a red head inclines
Primeval grappler maligns with a whine
Serpentine fingers corrode the skyline

Ascending helix scours a hill
Rebuffs a mountain, bestills a windmill
The spiral convolves in a blustering squall
Its wistful hysteria intertwines all

Written by © Nevada Kerr
June 9th, 2003.

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