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Sub Rosa
by Nevada Kerr

The zero arose
From the eros of rose
The mouth of desire
Love's teeth enclosed
Bated breath blood
Source of all hope
Airy mirage
Fool on a rope
Zero, the amateur
Obliterates scope

Golden egg goose
Clutching straw lover
Trump card strumpet
Infinity's mother
Become and be done with
This naughty unknotter
Stalking horse thunder
Hoarse talking plotter
You thrive on a fat chance
Then return to the water

Sophistical zero
Pneumatic new soul
Freshen my flesh
In the boreal cold
Spherical zephyr
Ariel cipher
Reveal wisdom's code
Loose-lipped augur
Betrayed by a whisper
Untell what you told

The fragrant rose ambrosia of the mock heroic zero liquefies the sorrow of the serio-comic hero

Written by © Nevada Kerr
July 7, 2003.

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