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Inflatable Room
by Nevada Kerr

I hailed Jesus in his moon suit
Shouting over the Arabian Sea
Thousands of martyrs are ready to fight
And they all believe in me

I saw my enemy arm a terror group
Protesting the Oil War
The Bush-Blair team is pushing peace
But these Peaceniks go too far

I tighten my gas mask and sample the air
The battles are already won
Finding weapons in the sun is not for everyone
And mass destruction propaganda is only half the fun
Anthrax shots and happy thoughts come with every gun

It's a mad dash to Baghdad
The orange light is warm
Despite the lone wolf suicider
I've got my helmet on
And the Scorpion in my boots will soon be dead and gone

No sandstorm in the desert can weaken brain and brawn
My Camp New York comrades vow to get Hussein and Sons
Their urban rape and torture
We must spare the little ones

The world and America will soon become one
In this war against Iraq
The struggling economy can go to Hell
I don't care who strikes back
Pakistan or North Korea
I'm ready to attack

I'm safe in my inflatable room
Nothing can touch me here
No bomb, no germ, no computer worm
I've got nothing to fear
I'm an American soldier with an American flag
And I am everywhere

Written by © Nevada Kerr
March 19, 2003.

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