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Flesh Peddlers
by Nevada Kerr

A peddler and procurer of pulpit flesh
Seasons new bodies for therapy and jest
A priestly redeemer and renegade wretch
Barters and baits only the best
For cloaked and confessional sex

Touched and retouched and always resold
Tales of debauchery are told and retold
By the mangled and twisted who live on the dole
Dispensable hosts wobbly and cold
Siphon the pain and never grow old

The flesh vendor interchanges holes
With an easy mark in Sunday clothes
Whose casual hello reveals a seductive pose
Poaching pastors give up ancient scrolls
For dried out entrails and borderland souls

An offspring despoiler fancies child rape
The ultimate defilement on video tape
A prison gang bang strains his bad taste
Ten tall guards with mallets and mace
Leave him legless up to his waist

As a meat toy and cheap whore
For lechers who keep score
He secures a safe place
In a black hole of grace
As bottomless as Hell
And as endless as space

Written by Nevada Kerr
17th February 2002.

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