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Station 76
by Russell Phillips

The sun was burning in seventy six
As I walked the Wembley way
Crowds had begun to gather
In the heat of early May

Bowie people, strange and weird
Like paintings in a book
Gathered here to see their God
And take another look

The house lights dimmed to darkness
For 'Un Chien Andalou'
The terror of the razor
That cut the eye right through

I heard a train approaching
Wrapped in expectation
I sae the band assemble
On David Bowie's station

The rhythm and the power
Cut the silent grace
The duke was now returning
To his rightful place

The slow walk to the centre stage
Cut through florescent lights
This time is now forever
But only for six nights

My memories of that summer
Seem like only yesterday
Dancing in the aisles
And freaking-out to 'Stay'

Written by Russell Phillips
24th August 2001.
(from an idea started in July 2000).

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