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Sound and Time

by Stephen Lindsay Satterfield

I want to run where the good never die -
On that crystal bridge where the heavens meet the sky.
Keenly aware of the dice I should have rolled -
For I was timid, never bold.

Now, I need an area to roam -
Fear keeps losers safe in the home.
Burn cathedrals and practice what you preach.
No need for a bishop to tell me whom to reach.

7 sacraments and a generation gives way -
Realize time is precious each and every day.
Even tonight, when my future is on hold -
Mary comforts and she never grows old.

Speak to me for I am no wiser than a child -
Need an Earth Mother who is gentle and mild.
You drench the world in tears as you cry -
Each year comes and grief slides by.

This drumbeat of time always goes along -
Paying no attention to what is right or wrong.
No matter what, I will surely cope -
Entered this millennium on more than hope.

Written by
Stephen Lindsay Satterfield
July 2002.

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