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The Shining Of Opals

by Dasha

Your beauty is as rude as it's tender
Both warm and cold, I want to surrender
The fox and the lynx are hidden in you,
Your sight is freezing and it's breaking me through

The malice and laughter is hidden inside,
How can one person be away and beside?
The glitter of opals, the shining of stars.
The smile so vulgar amongst all the lies

Your heart is beating and sleeping at once
It could be hard for it to take a second chance
It could be hard to live a life again,
And turn all the dreams into the life gain

At night you don't sleep and don't see those dreams
That you saw before... and so soon, it seems,
You'll see, you'll hear, you’ll feel some powers
Will turn your tears into the flowers

The glitter of opals... the shining of stars...
The glow of the sun and the bunch of grey dust
You're so close... I can fee it... you're breathing behind
Your breath is returning the light in my mind

(Translated from the Russian poem of mine).

Dedicated to Benicio del Toro.

Written by
24th May 2003.

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