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Trailer Park Eden
by Nevada Kerr

Flinging a crystal Jesus around her neck
She clears the campgrounds of bygone rodeo stars
She made it to White Trash Heaven robbing crypts and cribs
In her steel-gated hometown of gentleman misers

Lumbering dark poet in suspended animation
Cashes in her gothic omens for a life of sublime rewards
Deflowered phantom strangers appear in hopeful flesh
As she pumps in fresh blood with every card reading

A former pill-popping supermodel shedding easy facades
For the talk show hosts who erased her tears
She became a back country mystic to shake off the ghosts
That celebrity and boredom left at her door

The uncomplaining daughter of despotic pimps
Lifers and lovers who cornered the nature spirit market
She hardened her hands to chisel happiness in the badlands
Until they were sinless and without any borders

In a back country hovel where sordid brides hide
She dreads the return of departed dead end dealers
Unpopular dark poets and accursed supermodels
Agitating her fears of becoming
A cartoon cipher in trailer park eden

Written by Nevada Kerr
2nd January 2002.

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