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The Soul Lender
by Nevada Kerr

The soul lender refrains from the joy of human-robot flings
Holds you to a puppet's glory while cutting surplus strings
He sometimes betrays the phallic codes of failing midlife stars
The charmed who die in friendly fires while igniting oil wars

He stirs up the stem cells of bland meat damsels
Brain dead teen escorts organ grinding mammals
Pounds of hard muscle strain and drain the hordes dry
The cash-flooded, blue-blooded ranks soul spenders bribe

The soul lender launches crusades for apostles retiring in hell
Bags the bold priestly pictures and scriptures they refused to sell
He harasses the masses with his new virus-proof plastic
A spastic hacker's tactics to shame the web addicted

He provides stand-ins for saints expiring on shelves
Precious dark-haired scapegoats re-scaling their second selves
He passes through the hollow spines of midget android dogs
Like the passive smoke of lynching mobs and bulimic dixie hogs

He breaks the laws of nature absolving dated creatures
By sending them new souls with bright light blighting features
Turning rapture and laughter over to the mighty white right
The soul lender lends slaughter and fright to millions at night

Written by © Nevada Kerr
9th August 2001.

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