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At A Loss For Words

by Nevada Kerr

Falling behind, wasting away
I don't mind, I've got nothing to say
Taking my time, making it last
I'm good at going nowhere fast

As luck would have it
I'm on a waiting list
For a near escape
In the impending mist

I save my breath
And shake my hips
For the writhing angel
With the sultry lips

Freudian slips the specter devises
Sensual shivers and carnal surprises
The vagary grips, my temperature rises
I slink and turn tail like a cowardly miser

I play it safe and keep aloof
Is it want of faith or lack of proof
I'm overwhelmed by bliss and grief
And how the moment is oh so brief

Written by © Raven Drake
March 13, 2006.

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