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The Meat Mutation
by Nevada Kerr

I am the Meat Mutation
Banishing flesh and blood to a land of torments
Stirring the waters of oblivion
In a curse of future pestilence
I rise to the surface

Synchronizing with the flow of your blood
Your heartbeat, your hidden fears
I crystallize the soft shadows that eclipse the light of your eyes
And grow into the contaminated air you breath
Where the silhouettes of eunuch demons dance

Delirious and incoherent
I wander the tomb-filled night
In pursuit of conjurers and thieves

Without shame
I loiter on the brink of an abyss
Searching for soul mates in heaps of metal and glass
In the echoes of ravaged time and in the swarms of the dead

Unburden your heart
Spread open your soul
I have come to unman the man-made
Dismantle your desires
Harness your will

I sell you memories that are not yours
Steal your honor, own your name
While indulging your dimwit thoughts
I hock your hair and pawn your spittle

I am what no fear can goad
What no genes can mold
I am an unimagined monster
A spectacle of agony made marvelous for you
A viral miracle for an idle God
You are my empty vessel

The scales fall from your eyes
The meat falls from your face
And an all-encompassing darkness descends upon you

As the custodian of misery
I have made a home for the dispossessed
By inhabiting your seizure of screams
The blood vessels of your pain
Your genitals and butchered genius

A whore of the invisible realms
I vanish and leave no DNA
My plighted flesh spreads a glimmering gloom
Over corpses that can never decay

My ghostmongers gossip in spasms
Tireless messengers of doom
They wear the camouflage of hope and glad tidings
Certain pains have become their favored pleasures

Divisible Eye
I render you blind
You can not recognize your own remains
I mangle your perfect world

Lord of plagues
I plagiarize souls
Abduct bodies
And barter with no one!

Written by Nevada Kerr
19th April 2000.
(Edited 3rd October 2001).

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