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by Nevada Kerr

Darling dead and gone
You gave your heart to me
Where drowning lovers bond
You keep good company

Up against the light of day
You craved the sunless night
The briny blue swirling grave
The way of all delight

I hear a foghorn from the shore
In haunting dreams that I abhor
You sail a sinking boat
I swim the sea that you adored
And find your body still afloat

Did you plan this farewell without mourning
Or were you filled with pained remorse
Broken on a ship of yearning
With no way to change course

Did you long too long for the bounding main
The undertow in monsoon rains
Was your whirling vortex of despair
Stronger than the love we shared

Written by © Raven Drake
June 5, 2005.

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